When You Fall Off A Cliff, Make Sure You Are Recording

Thank goodness for the GoPro HD or else this viral video wouldn't exist. If you are ever near a cliff, make sure yours is recording too.

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HOLY CRAP! Looks like he made it out okay though.

Holy crap...held my breath the whole way down..INTENSE!

And the camera didn't even flicker when he bounced, nice!

Damn, I already fall once in a cliff in switzerland...... really remind me the vision.. scary

Stuuuuuuupid lol

Good camera. Held up to the test.

I am pretty sure Darwin was right. Thinning the herd, LOL!

I think they call it "Natural Selection"

And the Darwin Award goes to.....

Why can't I view this video, I logged onto vimeo and still can't see it?

The video cant be showed any more, it says private video?

Martin Jensen's picture

My first thought: Dame hes stupied! when I saw the first seconds of the video...
My Second thought: See.....
Like Bill Engvall sais: Heeres your sign!
glad his ok!!

That is horrifying...And that's one tough camera.