WOW Cataclysm: The Making of a Monster

Every now and then we come across a behind the scenes video that falls somewhere between the scope of photo/video production and computer graphics/animation. As creative artists, we need to be able to pull from a library of visual inspiration regardless of its original context. Even though I'm not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, I've always been fascinated by the commercials I see on television or the "movie" posters I see promoting the latest state of the art video games. Check out what Blizzard Entertainment created for the World of Warcraft: Cataclysm trailer; it's pretty amazing what can be done not only graphically but also from an advertising point of view. Click the full post to see the final trailer for one of the most mocked popular video games of all time.

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Curious, any WOW or other MMO players here?

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Can WOW players ever get off their couches to become successful photographers? Heheh just kidding of course :)

Im pretty sure lots of photographers play WoW. Im(was) one of those.

I used to be pretty addicted to wow, infact its when i stopped playing it that i found a big gap in my life and bought a Fz8 (super zoom) because it looked cool and fell in love with photography.

Then came the SLR, then lens... then flash's.. its never ending!.

@Jason: I play World of Warcraft, I'm a model, and I do a little bit of photography as hobby. Not nearly as great as the people on this site, but I love watching how they made certain photos.
So Yes, WoW players DO get off their couch :P

Hey, guys.

I'm a huge fan of you. Great articles, great videos! I've always great ideas when I check FStoppers. This time I would like to warn you guys to check out the header of this article: shouldn't it be "cataclysm", instead of "catacylsm"?!

Thanks for the great things!

Greetings from Brasil,


@Jason WoW player here too. Enjoy playing it with my wife. Don't play as much as I used to since I discovered photography though.

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We can't get anything past Daniken, thanks for the heads up

Hey Patrick,

"Patrick Hall Admin - Can WOW players ever get off their couches to become successful photographers? Heheh just kidding of course :)"

I have a real life story for this: I actually know someone who used to play, after his D300 was stolen, he went for a D700, and he is also now a very successful concert photographer. So yes, it can happen ;P