Behind the Scenes of Vivida's "Released by Love" Photoshoot

Simeon Quarrie, owner of wedding production company Vivida, is back with another amazing and unique editorial-style pre-wedding photoshoot for one of his couples. In this behind the scenes video he shows just how much planning and work goes into a great quality photoshoot production. The concept for the shoot is a whimsical story about severing the ties of restriction with the power of love starring a beautiful couple as its centerpiece.




"Sometimes you have to just seize the opportunity. Take who or what you want, despite the seeming restrictions from friends, family or a past that can act as an obstacle. Tied. Unavailable. Restricted. However, wanting to be released. Hence the title, "Released by Love." This would also have an unintentional nod toward the Coppelia story. It was in my subconscious from a performance I saw at a wedding I shot in Venice." - Simeon Quarrie






I have always been a huge fan of Simeon's work. He takes the term "commercial wedding photography" and takes it to a whole new level. Beautiful lighting, creative and well thought-out concepts, top-notch editing and easy-going demeanor is what sets Simeon apart from other wedding photographers. The behind the scenes video is an awesome and detailed look into his process. If you like his style and approach to non-traditional wedding photography check out some of his other behind the scenes videos: HERE.

You can find out more about Simeon and his company Vivida at: or on their Facebook Page.

Hair Stylist: Kam Lavoi
MUA: Emma Carvell

Images used with permission.

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Rebecca Britt is a South Texas based commercial, architectural and concert photographer. When she's not working Rebecca enjoys spending time with her two daughters, playing Diablo III, and shooting concerts (Electronic Dance Music). Rebecca also runs the largest collective of EDM (electronic dance music) photographers on social media.

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This was one hell of an awesome project. The dude knows what he's doing.

Thank dani. Believe me, I am learning too.

what an awesome photography shoot, I like it very much!

Beautiful blend of artistry, mastery of light and directing the subjects to emote. Absolutely love it!

It's incredible that this is an engagement shoot! I'd love to know more about the business side of shooting something like this. How is project like this funded and paid for? Is it all paid for by the client or is there more to it? It's so great to see a clear and creative vision executed so eloquently!

Hey Ed, yes this is an Engagement shoot within my package. Funded by the client account.

What is he using to send the pictures to the ipad? I've been looking for a product to allow me to do this.

You can set an iPad for client mode with a CamRanger.

I was using a sandisk eyefi SD card in the 5dmkiii. Small JPEGs going to sd card and raw going to cf card. Camranger looks to be a good option too.

Thanks. Is it possible to do this if you aren't in the studio?

Absolutely. This wasn't a studio. There was no internet access.

Thanks fstoppers for featuring this! It's really appreciated when some take time to comment like this. Thank you. A lot goes into creating a bts video. Without such positivity, I would be sharing. Thanks for making fstoppers a nice place to be.

Fabulous. This was an unbelievable and fantastical photo shoot.

Well Done!!!


Just as it happens in fashion photography, here the woman is being objectified. Good technical skills, but opressive concept.

Amazingly well planned/executed editorial engagement shoot...must have been bloody expensive :-)


I've never considered doing this much production in an engagement shoot due to pricing. What made you consider adjusting pricing scale to allow for full production costs on engagement shoot without losing income from wedding budget?

this is just typical male chauvinism at work. nothing more. The fact that these are pre-wedding/engagement photos makes it even worse! the idea that a man is somehow liberating a woman from her single life, it's gross; and the title "released by love" makes me want to throw up.

It's art.. expression.. nothing more. If the woman felt objectified, I'm sure she would have said something and not taken part in the shoot. Do you walk around an art gallery and have issue with any painting that puts the subject in a poor light? You can't look so literally at art.

depends on your own definition of art. I can appreciate the technical aspects of this shoot, but the subject matter makes me gag

The thing about art is that it can be interpreted different ways. One can look at the photo here and say the woman felt lifeless until her perfect match came along and gave her life as she now feels alive because of the love she has been shown by her new husband. Looking at it this way doesn't objectify the woman at all. It just illustrates the love she has been shown. That's my view of what the photographer has done here.

So creative! Love it!