Dock Collapses Under Wedding Party Posing for Photo

If you watched the Fstoppers "How To Become a Professional Commercial Wedding Photographer" DVD, you might remember a scene where Lee Is shooting by the water. He later told us he was too concerned for the structural integrity of a dock to put a wedding party on it, stating he didn't want to be "that photographer." Well, Lee might have avoided it, but this group sure didn't.

Given the musical stylings and nature of the editing, I'm going to go ahead and assume everyone got out of this ok, if not for being wet and cold. Just remember folks, those docks can handle two or maybe even five people... not 20.


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Why must they put that to "music"!

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the song refers to giving a physics lesson :)

that song choice was the real disaster in my opinion. hope that wasn't an excerpt from the actual dvd.

The music was pretty good. I preferred the natural audio which explained why the young lady on the right started high-tailing it out of there before the dock started moving perceptibly.

For the rest of his life, this guy is going to get grief for insisting on having 12 groomsmen.

Wedding photography is the worst.

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Your moms the worst.

at least they will have a good reason to remember the wedding for a long time :)

That's what the photographer gets for not buying Lee's DVD...

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Ok Spy Black, you got me to snort out loud. You win this round.

I'm not sure I'd put an entire wedding party on a dock like that because it's a boring shot... and maybe someone would fall off *cough groomsmen fooling around cough*. However, since docks are designed to hold boats in place, in all fairness the photographer had no reason to think it would collapse.

What the....? Holding a boat in place is vastly different than holding almost 2 tons. A horizontal load is very much different than a vertical load here. Even a heavier boat would exert a very small load, because the force is much smaller. There is no gravity at play with the boat. You have the small gentle rocking of the boat which at times gently tugs at the dock.

Well perhaps I have different standards of what docks should and should not be able to do since I have lived in a hurricane state for 30 years. I've seen docks standing after Cat 4 storms with multiple boats slamming into them, boats on TOP of them, and other random freak accidents that lead to them bearing weight you would not imagine. But thank you for the physics lesson, I had absolutely no idea how gravity worked until you came along and enlightened me.

On a side note... the only comments I see from you are condescending to others or argumentative. Every. Single. Comment.

Goodness. That escalated quickly.

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I can't even imagine how much I would have enjoyed this.

Sure, you should put the people's safety first... BUT NO NEED TO BUY Fstopper's DVD because it sucks.

Hah, funny how many of the women run like cowards but not the men. I suppose that's why it's predominately men overseas right now.

cowardice... intelligence. That girl on the far right had mad reflex skills and didn't even get wet.

And where exactly can the men run to? And as for cowardice. It's called survival skills. Dumbass.

And where would the men run?

i like how the guys stayed chill and going all terminator 2 ending.

lol hahaha

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HAHAHAHAHA best comment!

Last wedding I had around 70 people on a pier ... but it was made out of concrete :-)

Damn, the girl on the right has skills. I love it that the bride just starts laughing afterwards.

Good advert for a weightless campaign

There's like 30 people in that Wedding party. WTF?!

always a classic!