Man Creates Awesome Horror Movie Trailer To Propose To Girlfriend

A Polish man proposed to his girlfriend by creating a fake horror movie trailer. Not just fake, but actually pretty good. The video was made by combining snippets of scenes from "The Grey," "The Bourne Ultimatum" and "Essential Killing" and dramatic music to give that finish touch. His unsuspecting girlfriend went to the movie theatre with 2 of her friends, not knowing that night will change her life. Seeing her face when she realizes what's going on is priceless.

Some will say it's a creepy way to propose, some will say its super romantic. Maybe it's both. So, what do you think of his efforts and creativity?

[via Huffington Post]

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Instant tears! Yup. I would have been sobbing by the time he got to the theater!

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wow! The underwater shots really pumped me up, this is legit!

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Subtitles would have been nice...
Anyway you definitely have to give him credit for the effort although i don't quite get the message of the whole "chase/escape" theme of the trailer he made.
Again, subtitles would have been nice ;)

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she: -of course, (something, something…)
he: -honey, as you know, we had ups and downs. Sometimes it was rough but we went through it and we are still together and I hope we can do it in the future. Remember I love you very much. You are the world to me. I don't want anyone but you. I love you very much and I have this question. Will you become my wife?
I can't here you!
She: YES!!

And than he thanks people who helped him with this project

Thanks Roman, that was very helpful.

Most of the first part of the trailer was from The Grey, what an awesome movie that was, go see it if you haven't...


Your link to your FB page in your snobby comment takes so much away from it. But that's just my opinion.

Nicely done, but still pales in comparison with photographer Sid Ceasar's Muppet Proposal

Well... This is surely a true work of art! I wouldn't be able of making either of them (I could make a Flash animation though!), so I guess each person has to work within his limitations.

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really? All copyrighted music/images and liam neesons voice - this is really a sweet thing for him and his gf but I dont think this is worthy of a post on a site like fstoppers. FAIL. great post for or but a horrible fail for you all. Seriously.

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Amazing idea!! :)

man, somebody in the office is cutting onions on a Friday afternoon...

i should fire them...

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How much rage and jealousy is here in comments, thats unbelievable. Guy made great trailer to propose his girlfriend. Why can't you just be quite and don't post anything.
With every day I can se more and more people just posting dumb comments but without any background.

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Amazing, Polish can do it !!!

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Amazing, SUPER Romantic!

Why tell the world? Just love the person, that means the most to you.

He's not necessarily telling the world, he's creating a memory for them. The world seeing it is just a byproduct. You all alone in the world John? Why so negative?

Is it new? No. Is it original? No. So what? Is it amazing and worthwhile? HELL, YEAH! Well done!!! People who can't dig this probably send flowers to themselves on Valentine's Day.

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The coolest cool proposal ever!

nice ....

so what happens afterwards... did she see the movie or did she lose her 15$ for the ticket?

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Awesome Made me cry :)

Joe Penna did this before.. But Better :)

the was the best...