Using Photoshop To Turn A Wedding Reception In To A Police Chase

Featured last year for his "Wedding Day Zombie Apocalypse" composite, Photographer Josiah Moore is up to his old tricks again. This past fall he shot a wedding where both the Bride and Groom were car enthusiasts. He decided to make a fun chase scene out of a photo from the reception, and this video shows his process in Photoshop.

Josiah waited until the formal pictures were done, then took the couple outside and had the bride pretend to drive while the groom panicked on the hood. He told me a little bit about his setup, and here's what he used:

"Canon 5D mkII, Canon 24-105 IS @ 35mm, f4, 1/50.

For flash I used 1 AlienBee 800, and aimed it straight up to bounce off the overhang. Made a nice fill. A happy accident was when a big bus pulled in behind us, it put a bit of a backlight that really helped make it pop! The whole thing took around 5 hours in PScs6."

Below is the original image used, follow by the final.



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john pritchett's picture

Great work! As someone who shoots more "old school" (film) and uses Photoshop sparingly, I admire the vision, patience and care shown here. In a world where everyone with a camera phone is a self-proclaimed photographer, standing out from the crowd is difficult, especially anyone trying to earn a living from photography. Giving a client what they love and pay for is what it's all about!

Josiah Moore's picture

@disqus_xq74WzLwon:disqus Thank you so much for checking it out and for commenting! I love having feedback from more traditional photographers as well!!


Josiah Moore's picture

@Felipe_Paredes:disqus Because the Bride and Groom asked for it, and I thought it was a fun idea. :)

Of course, I respect that, and is a good job. Coming from a diferent culture where getting married is something much more personal, intimate. This kind of things make seems weddings in the USA, like a big show/parade. Is just dificult to understand, and I'm sure it makes wedding photography more dificult. sorry for my english by the way.

Josiah Moore's picture

@Felipe_Paredes:disqus Thanks! I totally understand what you are saying. This really was only 1 fun photo for them though. I still shot hundreds throughout the day in a more "classic" wedding style. They just wanted to a have a fun image to be crazy with. :)