[Workflow] PhVusion Software Lets You Edit Video In Photoshop

While in Las Vegas for WPPI, I met Rob Adams and Vanessa Joy who are two talented videographers and photographers respectively. They are both at the top of the wedding market and often speak to photographers about how they can incorporate video into their businesses (something we have been preaching here for years). To help photographers make the video transition easier, Rob and Vanessa have designed PhVusion video editing software which allows you to trim and color correct video directly in Photoshop.

I know how tough the photo to video transition can be from starting Fstoppers, and I think PhVusion could be a nice alternative to the photographer not wanting to jump straight into Premiere or FCP. Check out this tutorial on how PhVusion can simplify your video post production if you haven't already made the jump to video yet. I prefer the versatility of a full video editing suite for what I do with the Fstoppers videos but for slideshows or simple video editing this might be a lot faster and easier. If you want to try PhVusion, enter the code "animoto" and you can get $50 off the software.

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So this is a UI overlay for Photoshop?

I'm all for the idea of having photoshop like controls over my video, BUT there's one thing about this article that I find really annoying; it's the idea that any photographer (or anyone in general) can and should now become a filmmaker. 

I went to school to be a filmmaker, it's very much like a trade education, there's a lot to learn about before I even considered branding the title of filmmaker over my head - and now, every day what I'm seeing is people picking up a cheap DSLR camera and a macbook (with imovie or something like it), and thinking that they have it all figured out, that they know how to make a movie and slap it all together with a vignette and call themselves videographers. Sure, there are a select few who will grasp the basic concepts quite quickly, but the reality is that there's a lot more that goes into video production than people initially think. Here's a metaphor for you, if I went to a hardware store and bought a tool kit, does that automatically make me a mechanic? I can tighten a nut and change a tire but I wouldn't call myself a mechanic, because deep down, I wouldn't know what I was doing. So to all of you out there, with your 7D's in hand, thinking you're the next big thing to hit craigslist since the missed connections section, please, for the love of god, stop tarnishing the industry with your undercut prices and youtube videos.