One (Cheap) Purchase That Can Make the Biggest Impact on Your Photography

It's incredibly common to see any marketing campaign talk about how some accessory or lens is "life changing" and will bring your photography to the next level. And then you buy it and inevitably realize that it is your own ability that is holding you back. But there is something you can buy, multiple somethings actually, that will honestly help make you a better photographer.

23 Speedlight Setups to Try This Year

While the rage may be LED lights and very portable strobes, it is still hard to beat the ease and simplicity of good old speedlights. Most of us have at least one, if not more in our camera bag, and I always carry two of them with me whenever I’m shooting. So, why not dust off those speedlights and brush up on some great ways to use them with this great video?

Critique the Community Composites

With Josh Rossi
Submit your best composite images for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial

It's time to pull out your best composite images and see what the Fstoppers community thinks of them. For our next episode of Critique the Community, we hope to bring in a special guest who is a master compositor, Josh Rossi

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