Are Drones The New Wedding Photographers?

This couple took wedding photography to a whole new level when they got their wedding shots taken. They used a series of drones in order to capture their big day. The shots that they created are undoubtedly original and stand out from the crowd... for now. With the release of the new DJI Phantom 3 that we recently covered, drones could be here to stay, but are we at a stage now where we can outsource our photography to machines?

This is clearly a market that drone manufacturers want to break into as the official release video from DJI (below) shows drones being used to take wedding footage in a sanctuary. The notion of this seems absurd to me personally. On my big day, I don't want drones buzzing around while I'm trying desperately to remember my fiancee's name and to remember my vows! Having said that, I do think that the way that this couple have used the drones outdoors could work really well as the noise of the drones wouldn't be so intrusive.  

[via CBS This Morning]

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Nick Viton's picture

"The uploader has not made this video available in your country.'
gee, thanks

Brian Dowling's picture

If you can't see the video download the "Hola Better Internet" Chrome plug-in. It will let you select which country to proxy Youtube, Pandora, Netflix from for freeeeee. :D I'm in Germany and have never had any issues.

Michael Kormos's picture

Great for wide-angle environmental portraits, but I wouldn't count on a drone lifting off with a 200/2 telephoto anytime soon. Personally, I'm waiting around for the FAA to make their ruling on legally flying these things before committing to a purchase myself :-)

Tlamati Xochipilli's picture

My mindset is the same. Those photos being captured may look great on a laptop/tablet/phone but to print out those low rez images, especially after getting the bill for adding a quadcopter to your wedding package, not good. Also it wont be the wedding photographer taking the drone pics/video, it would probably be an assistant or a 3rd party company hired to do it, because the main photographer would be on the ground capturing the quality pics that are to be expected from a wedding. . .

Pat Black's picture

I see both of your points, but 5d mark iiis have been getting flown since there releases with better optics, and with the FAA it is rumored that you will be able to back log your flight time so that would certainly help if you have to hit the 2000 hours to fly commercially. And with entering the market early you could really kill it with SEO if you are the first arial company in your area.

Tlamati Xochipilli's picture

Valid points, and thanks for the reply.

Not being overly educated on quadcopters my questions (not directed at anyone in particular) would be weight limitations, focusing, angling a DSLR... so many variables to take in considerations. Not to mention how many of those high up photos one would want in their wedding album.

Saying that, I believe that wedding photographers have almost a duty to offer something genuine and intriguing without being silly to their clients. My belief is that quadcopters are here to stay and it's in ones best interest to understand all their capabilities and how to offer it to their clients.

Casey Berner's picture

In my opinion, drone photography is a tool that a photographer can use much like tilt-shift. Until they become silent, they wont be in too many wedding ceremonies. Group photos on the other's what's hip so if a photographer wants to show off and offer his/her client a unique offering....WRRRRRRRRRRRR.

Jason Ranalli's picture

I certainly predict that drone shots are going to become the next selective color portrait :)

LA M's picture

All good until heads get chopped off, or other device failure cause death or damage...What's the liability coverage like?

Jennifer Kelley's picture

Seems like a drone at a wedding would be kind of obnoxious. They have their place, but I wouldn't want one buzzing around.

Jason Williams's picture in virginia. We use a drone for video and photography! 757-967-7468. We use a Phantom with 1080 resolution....very similar or exactly the same as the featured photog! As for sound - once they are int he air and up above you a bit you can't hear them. :)