Check Out This Unreal Iceland Short Film

There is no doubt that Iceland has become an incredibly popular travel destination for photographers and filmmakers in recent years. One filmmaker has taken his footage to the next level to create a stunning Iceland short film.

Filmmaker Jacco Kliesch teamed up with Wildboar 3D Design Studio to create "Anomaly," a travel film combining beautifully shot footage with incredible visual effects to showcase iconic Icelandic locations in a unique way. Kliesch and the Wildboard team described the collaboration, planning, and process behind the film to Dirk Dallas, who runs the popular Instagram account fromwhereidrone. Dallas published the interview on his website

Kliesch mentions that the project took about a year, including two a half weeks of shooting in Iceland, followed by significant time spent in post, including an initial edit, CGI effects by Wildboar, and a re-edit with sound design and color grade. Kliesch was inspired by Christopher Nolan's movie "Interstellar" and wanted to portray Iceland as a "dreamscape" where gravity has ceased to exist. 

Kliesch used a combination of drone and handheld gimbal shots while filming. Wildboar generated the VFX using SideFX Houdini and composited using Nuke. "Anomaly" has over 132,000 views on Vimeo since being released a week ago and has been chosen as a Vimeo Staff Pick. 

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Aneesh Kothari is a Houston-based travel, landscape, and cityscape photographer. He enjoys reading, traveling with his family, and making lists of things he enjoys. He yearns to be a Civil War buff but has yet to finish the Ken Burns series.

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That's just fantastic.

Very cool! Great visuals and music combination.

Freaky !!!

That is incredible! Not just fantastic shooting and special effects, but terrific editing too. It was interesting to watch throughout.

Gorgeous! The tones, and the overall feel of it was awesome.

Please more of this, less youtubers

But then how would we ever know when Peter McKinnon puts out a new video?

I know, I wouldn't know the top 10 reasons to fly a drone

Damn. Out of the world..:o

The most epic video of 2018! Great photography, sound, special effects and editing. I remember Fstoppers posted an article about the “most mind blowing” timelapse video a while ago but that turned out to be predictable. This video is at another level.

My only feedback would be the build up after 2:01 seems a bit too draggy because the parts before the spinning scene already felt like climax. It would make more sense to have the spinning scene as the ending as it gives the feeling of rapid falling after regaining gravity.

Although I said draggy but I still enjoyed watching through it because I was expecting to see how it ends. If the story was about the rise and fall of nature then it would make sense to edit it this way.

the sound gave me chills !!! its awsome