These Guys Mounted a Chainsaw to a Drone, then Filmed its Carnage in Slow-motion

Best or worst idea ever? April Fools Joke? While this might be the perfect zombie slaying device ever created, a Finnish video production company decided to have some fun with their multi-rotor UAV and the results are awesome.

I did find myself questioning the validity of such a contraption. Surely the weight alone of the chainsaw would be too much to handle?

After doing some digging on where this video came from, I found that readers on this reddit thread were questioning the authenticity of the video as well, especially coming out right around April Fools Day. Sure enough, a commenter came out to say that it was her friends who put together the video, and confirmed that it was indeed a joke.

Bummer! But well done on the part of the creators, as upon first watch, I totally believed it. The editing works well to cover it up and suspend belief amidst the exploding heads of snowmen à la Michael Bay. It's clear from the footage that the drone could in fact lift the chainsaw, but all of the POV cutting shots could have been staged. It's also very likely that the snowmen were loaded with something to create a more dramatic explosion.



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Doesn't have to avoid obstacles anymore, unless its a pink balloon.

I don't care it's is "staged", it takes a lot of talent and time to create something like this. Well done.

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It's post like this that hurt the UAV community, not to mention this article has nothing to do with photography or video.

Read Kill Decision by Daniel Suarez. The future of drones...

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3 minutes of my life that I'll never get back. Thanks!

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The idiocy of man is evolution free.