"Inspired Light" Combines Light Painting And Automotive Photography

Patrick Rochon is a world-reknowned light painting photographer who recently produced a project with Infiniti, where he used their cars as paintbrushes themselves, in a manner of speaking. This video shows off what is possible when a skilled artist is given the reigns to create compelling images of vehicles, and has the support of a technical and creative team. And to top it all off, the really cool part is that everything was done in camera– there was nothing digitally added.

From concept to completion, this project took about four months to complete, and the results are very striking.

From Patrick's blog:

After weeks of measuring, mapping, planning, trial & error, each car took four experienced technicians four hours to rig, while the prototype took several days.

There are no light bulbs on the rigs. Each QX70 has 59 feet, or 18 metres, of LED strips, carefully fixed in place.

Each vehicle has a total of 2,520 LEDs with output exceeding 30,000 lumens (the amount of visible light emitted). Designing and assembling the Light Rigs took a team of six specialists several weeks. The specially-made LED strip lighting is a proprietary product manufactured in China under U.S. specification.

More of the final images, as well as other behind the scenes photos can be seen on Patrick Rochon's blog.

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Jayson Carey's picture

That is fairly similar to a shot I did earlier this year for a client that wanted a header for his website. He and his friend rode motorcycles through the frame while I captured the streak from their headlights and indicators. I then had them line back up on the corner where I had stopped the exposure and I painted them with a strobe in a soft box. Everything was done in-camera (except for the blur on the wheels), just in separate exposures that I layered and tweaked.