7 Household Objects That Can Help Out Your Photography

Photographer Markus Berger from The Cooperative of Photography put together a quick two and a half minute video demonstrating some really cool photography tips using everyday household objects. From a simple beer coozy to a flaming aerosol can, Markus points out some creative ways to step up your photography game. My personal favorite is his last bonus tip - utilizing a plastic freezer bag to wrap around his Leica T mirrorless camera. I always have a stash of bags with me for cameras and speedlights when I'm outside just in case it decides to rain. They fold away without taking up much space and can save you thousands of dollars in repair fees. Rubber bands, gaff tape, zip ties and some of these bags can help you with all sorts of issues when you're out away from your studio.

Be sure to let us know which tips you like the best in the comments below. Are there are any other suggestions you would like to share?

[via COOPH]

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Austin Burke's picture

The tube light seemed interesting, and I know I have used tights before for a nice softening look on skin when I shoot video. There also filters that do the same effect at different strength too which can be nice. (personal favorite is the Black Pro Mist)

Brett Martin's picture

The mirror idea was a new one for me, though I am more likely to have a reflector in my bag than a mirror. Could be cool if you throw a cookie along with the mirror, instant dramatic spot lighting.

Paul Monaghan's picture

Sadly if I see a cookie id eat it.. j/k :D

Nice little video with some great tips that would interest a lot of people starting out in photography.

Ryan MacKenzie's picture

I liked the long exposure shot!! Thanks for the tips/article.

David Stewart's picture

The ipad was a neat idea...But I really loved #1. :D

Tobias van Schalkwyk's picture

Great tips! - I also found that using one of those shiny windscreen sun reflectors, works well as a reflector if you quickly need to alter the light during a shoot, and you have nothing else on hand :)

Matt Allan's picture

There's some pretty clever tips in there... I remember watching plenty of these things when I first started out and the info never really gets old.

Jeremy Witteveen's picture

This might be ... just might ... be an ad for Leica T.

I'm turned on by the tube light idea, but having a bit of trouble nailing down of how that inexpensive tube light is powered. I think my Google is broke.

Would love if someone shed some light via a link on that one.

Lovin' the fire tip as I may use it on an upcoming project.

Jeremy Witteveen's picture

By the way, I found the answer to my question about the tube light:


Christian Berens's picture

The glass ball... I may have to get one!!

Anyone know where that ring light is from?

Chris Carden's picture

The cosy is a cool idea. Interesting ideas.