Behind the Glass Presents Retouching a Fashion Shoot with Pratik Naik (Part 1 & 2)

Go behind the scenes with one of the worlds top high-end retouchers, Pratik Naik, in this two part video as he walks us through his process of working with a model shot by David Geffin. Exploring the fine line between retoucher and photographer you can see his passion for what he does and the understanding it takes to capture the photographers vision perfectly. Pratik has been featured in publications around the world including Elle, Marie Claire and GQ with no end in sight to his future accomplishments. In this two part behind the scenes video Pratik takes you through his process along with some quick tips in Photoshop such as removing skin imperfections and shadows.  Having always had an appreciation for Pratik's work its amazing to hear interviews on his process and explanation for what he does and how he never puts money in front of his passion. Looking at this profession or any profession strictly for the money will only muddy the waters and end in losing why you got into the profession from the start. 

Below are some of Pratik's work on various projects including some incredible work with famed commercial photographer Joey L.

Photo by Andrew Fearman

Photo by Andrew Fearman

Photo by Anze Vrabl

Photo by Bill Jones

Photo by Joey L.

Photo by Joey L.

Photo by Joey L.

Photo by Scott Hugh Mitchell

Photographer: Dave Geffin

Model: Gefranny Lara

Be sure to check out more of Pratik's stunning work on Facebook and Soltice Retouch.

[via Albert Ayzenberg]

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It could be a great explanation, but I stopped watching.
Because I could not listen anymore.

It's 2014; it's not so hard to get better audio than talking like through a plastic cup......

He did not actually teach anything. "Play with this, play with that", that's what it was about.