Every Workshop Is Currently On Sale At creativeLIVE

Every Workshop Is Currently On Sale At creativeLIVE

Most of the multiday workshops are $150 or less on creativeLIVE which is a really great deal as it is but for the next 3 days, everything is on sale. Many of the workshops are as much as 50% off. Head there now to check out this incredible opportunity. 

Right now, join Sue Bryce, Scott Robert Lim, John Cornicello, and Bambi Cantrell for a LIVE photography critique session. In this three-day Autumn Photo Critique, creativeLIVE’s team of renowned photographers will critique images submitted by creativeLIVE viewers, analyzing each image's strengths and evaluating areas for improvement. Whether you’re a novice or a pro, the targeted feedback from this all-star team will inspire you to invest in your work and equip you with direction on where to start.

If you enjoy learning from the best, you may also be interested in Fstoppers Workshop Atlantis, which was just announced today.

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Any recommendations?

Depends on if you are just getting started or not. If so, Digital Photography Fundamentals 2013 with John Greengo is awesome. Joey L's course is awesome, Corey Rich never disappoints, and I'm personally excited for Rob Grimm and Gary Martin next week.