Have Fun Learning How to Create a Slow Motion Explosion Effect

Watch as Josh Connolly tests out the slow motion explosion he bought off Amazon Prime (ya, you heard me) and then learn how to create your very own. OK, they won't actually teach you how to blow things up, but they will entertain you while walking you through the process they used to create a slow-motion explosion effect. So, even though you may go to Film Riot to learn filmmaking techniques and how to create kick-ass visual effects, you'll go back for the sketches. 

I'm not even into filmmaking, but I subscribe to Film Riot just because Ryan Connolly and his crew are always hi-freakin-larious when dropping education. If you are into filmmaking, the wealth of knowledge that can be learned from these guys is massive. Armed with wit, a Canon EOS C100Canon EOS C300 Mark II, After Effects (for special effects) and Premiere (for putting the shots together), the crew over at Film Riot produce amazing tutorials. Just be warned that Ryan is one hell of a fast talker. But, if you keep that pause button at the ready and are willing to put in the work, you'll find duplicating their techniques surprisingly easy. Enjoy.

​[via Film Riot]



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Eric Lefebvre's picture

Love these guys. They thought me everything I know about film making.

Florian Brand's picture

Great content on Filmriot, quite relevant even for Still Only 'togs. (Composition, Color grading, Light,...)

Spy Black's picture

So, on top of your yearly $240 subscription for AE, you add an addition $120 yearly subcription for the Red Giant heatwave filter and $400 for Trapcode Particular to get this effect, which isn't bad, and I'm sure if you tweaked it more may look better...

...or you could spend $350 on a full blown compositor with built-in ready-to-go (yet tweak-able) VFX and particle filters with gravity, turbulence, deflection, et al to compliment (or possibly replace, depending on your workflow) your AE. You can even download a fully working demo you can try out to see if it floats your boat. Check it out: https://hitfilm.com/pro

Florian Brand's picture

They have done tutorials on Hitfilms in previous episodes. This was specifically a request on AE. Ryan mentions the option of using Turbular Deplace as an alternative to Heatwave.

Spy Black's picture

Yes, I did forget it was a question on how to do it in AE. However the question is answered AS LONG AS you go out and spend an additional $520 for third-party plugins, which technically isn't really answering the question on how to do the effect solely in AE. He nonchalantly tells you to call up x and y plugins, as if everyone has them. Sure, he mentions the option of using Turbular Deplace as an alternative to Heatwave, but that still requires an additional $400 plugin. One can argue that this tutorial was made essentially as an indirect plug for those products.

I have to say that I'm surprise at this stage of AE that you still have raw processes only, which is why there is a such a large third-party plug-in market.

Jeff Colburn's picture

Nutz, I went to watch this video, and spent the next two hours watching other videos of theirs. It shot my schedule all to hell, but it was worth it. Thanks for the post.

Have Fun,