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See the Process of Large Format Photography from Start to Finish

The guys over at Ledicia Audio Visual recently shared this beautiful video that shows process behind large format 8x10 film photography from start to finish. The film folows large format photographer, Luis Plácido López Caballero, as he sets up and composes his image all the way through his manual dodging and burning and developing in the darkroom.

For more beautiful Ledicia photo and video projects you can follow them over on Vimeo, Facebook, or their website, to keep up with Luis and his work you can follow him on his website.

[Via Ledicia Audio Visual & Luis Plácido López Caballero]

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Percy Ortiz's picture

oh the memories…

Stacy Baugher's picture

I so admire the photographers who work in large format like this. It has always been a dream to try that myself, hopefully soon...

Thank you for again uncovering me a new photographer to follow.

Daniel Swalec's picture

SERIOUSLY want to learn to do this. Such a craft... such a skill... This makes digital and photoshop look so easy.

Ruairi O'Donnell's picture

Galicia Calidade! Excellent video, nice to see a Galician photographer on FStoppers. Quality work from Luis.

Jennifer Kelley's picture

Am I the only one who feels as old as dirt now? This was how I learned photography lol. I went to art school in 2000 and the vast majority of my education was in the wet darkroom. My major was photography and digital imaging, but photoshop wasn't part of the typical workflow. Even during my internships it wasn't part of the workflow.

Now I feel like taking my 120 film camera out for a spin :)

Matthew Taggart's picture

This is where living in my home town is a double edge sword. Awesome place to take photos like that, but no one nearby that you could learn from. . . Ha ha. Great video.

Austin Rogers's picture

I'm so happy to hear that this has struck a chord with so many of you. Luis' work is a tremendous inspiration to me.

Sean Shimmel's picture

The filmic version of Amish craftsmanship

Randy Budd's picture

Cool video. I often regret trading my F1 to go digital.

Kristjan Järv's picture

This is wayyy more fun than photoshoping an image.