Shooting A Golf Course Campaign With The RED Epic - Behind The Scenes

In this fun behind the scenes video, we get to see San Diego-based production company SaintWest staging video shots for the "Find Your Moment" campaign with Torrey Pines golf course. Get an inside look on how the crew captures the golf experience in a cinematic way, but also improvises to make a simulated golf hole for a unique POV shot. Inside are the final videos. La Jolla Cliffs is where the shoot took place, and it's amazing scenery is captured beautifully with vivid colors and a glowing fog that covers the links. In addition to the RED Epic, at about :36 I spot robotic head with a GH2 on it, but I'm not sure where it was used. Do you see where? Post in the comments if so.



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I'm guessing the GH2 on the robotic head was used for all the aerial shots

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Yeah, I think that's likely.  The GH2 is the choice for a lot of fliers due to it's light weight, along with it's resolution and clarity.  The RED is a heavy camera and can be difficult to fly on smaller rigs.

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Yep, GH-2 with 20mm Lumix lens running at 88Mbps.

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Thanks William!

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The robotic head was on a RC helicopter.

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Awesome shots, but golf still bores the heck out of me.

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Thanks Ito, you should get out and play sometime! It changes everything!

Nice shots! Great BTS!

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Thanks Sy!

But the second bounce was landing at most four inches from the hole, but it rolls in from over a foot away...
Details guys...
I would think that the people at FortyOne Twenty should be better than that, it stands out too much.

Notice that too but still nice!

Great videos, especially liked the way the shots all built to crescendo without feeling over the top. Nice use of subtle sound scape as well. The shimmering golf club coming out of the bag especially. Like drawing a broad sword to do battle haha. Thanks for the BTS!

Speaking of details, unless the hole in the "Hole in One" is about 90 yards, I do not think he would be teeing up with a 60° lob wedge. I have never played Torrey Pines so I wouldn't know the full layout, but hey if I am going to be nit-picky then that's my 2 cents!

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It's probably at least a 50 foot drop in elevation, so a 60 might be the right club for a longer hitter.

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He's not hitting a a lob wedge during the swing on the Hole in One video. It's a mid iron I would guess. He picks a cavity back iron out of the bag, then at the top of swing they show a lob wedge, but then the club he's hitting the ball with isn't a lob wedge. I'm surprised at that detail considering their audience is golfers

 Jamie, I think this is what I had noticed as well. You explained much better!

Beautiful, really cool, concepts and execution, somehow, i am not a big fan of the colour grading, but this is a beautifully done job hands down.