Using Styles in Capture One

While the boosted productivity and easy collaboration with clients was my main reason for shifting to a full Capture One universe, it was the ability to use preset styles that initially drew my attention.  

Those of you who read my earlier article about my transition to a Capture One universe will already be familiar with how important the software platform has become to my workflow.  From on-set tethering, image selection, retouching, and ultimate output, I use the Capture One process all the way through my workflow from start to finish.

In this video from Capture One, host David Grover takes you through how to go about applying the styles within the software as well as shortcuts to improve your workflow.  The styles are essential for my own work as I am able to pre-visualize my color palette and effects prior to my shoots, save the presets beforehand, then shoot tethered during the session.  This allows the client to see the final result in real time and ensures that we are all on the same page from first shot to wrap.

Personally, I spend hours on end devising my own color toning style presets for potential projects.  Not that I need to take that long. I’m just a bit obsessive and don’t have a very active social life. I’m OK with it.

But for those who want to save some time or just get a jump start on customization, the company also offers six Capture One Style Packs which include a total of 139 styles (aka presets) which you can easily apply to any image within the program. The bundle is broken into six different style presets: B&W, Cinematic, Film, Matte, Seasonal, and Spectrum. Now through June 24, the company is offering 50 percent off when you purchase all six packs in a bundle for around $200.

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Alexander Petrenko's picture

Not related to this specific topic question: is it possible to have file-based workflow between computers?

For example, I’m moving files between Mac and PC in Lightroom, then sync them and all my adjustments are pulled from xmp files.

Something like this exists in Capture One? I don’t seem to make it work through simple “Full xmp sync” in settings.

Johnny Rico's picture

Pack as EIP?

Hans Rosemond's picture

I know when using sessions, all the info is contained together in the session folder. From there you open the session and all the info shows up. There’s no linking of files because it’s always there.