What Do Pro Photographers Do When Not on a Photoshoot

There are loads of videos showing cool behind the scenes clips from photoshoots and exciting trips. But what do photographers actually get up to in-between shoot days? If you are thinking of turning pro, it is worth paying attention to how most of your time will be spent.

A Behind the Scenes Look at #COVIDwear: Business on the Top, Quarantine on the Bottom

Have you ever wondered what the person on the other end of a zoom call looks like outside of what the camera shows? In this article, take a look at the heartwarming work and message behind Tallahassee based commercial photographers, The Workmans, and their hilarious new series, #COVIDwear: Business on Top, Quarantine on the Bottom.

How I Got the Shot: Teal and Orange

Playing with gels is always a fun time, join me as I break down how I got this photo of Toronto model and photographer Sam Yang.

Perseverance in Bird Photography

This year, my shot list for which bird species I was most eager to capture was kept very short in order to be realistically achievable. Unfortunately, as luck would have it, from that list I had already missed the migratory opportunities for two of them. I wasn’t about to let my final target bird slip away as well.

Photo Walkthrough: White and Orange

Shooting in hard natural light can be extremely difficult, especially when you're photographing bright, white clothing. Join me in breaking down how I got the shot, and pick up some tips for shooting a similar image!

Want to Level up Your Lighting? Try Reverse Key Lighting

As filmmakers, we have a vast array of tools in our kit, and it's always good to expand it and try new and innovative setups. Learn to take your lighting to the next level by using reverse key lighting on your next shoot.

How to Build a Commercial Portfolio

Commercial photography is notoriously hard to get into. In this video, I go over my complete workflow for shooting commercially viable portfolios from inception, through the shooting process, and into post-production.

How to Do a Two-Camera Shoot at Home by Yourself

Do you find yourself stuck at home by yourself during quarantine, but still wanting to shoot high-quality content for your YouTube channel or clients? In this step-by-step video, learn how to do a two-camera interview style shoot without the help of any assistants or other people.

One Trick for Easy, Beautiful, Family Portraits

Now that things are opening up again around the world, we can start doing outdoor photo sessions again, and this one trick will help you stand out in your community.