How I Got The Shot: Tafari Anthony Album Cover

I love doing photoshoots for musicians. I get to be creative, think outside the box, and make something that will be seen by an audience outside of my bubble. So, when Toronto singer Tafari Anthony approached me to shoot his EP cover, I was all in.

What’s It Like to Shoot an NFL Game During COVID?

It’s fascinating to get an insight into how major sporting events are documented by photographers and perhaps even more so when the stadiums are empty due to COVID. Photographer Paul Rutherford talks you through game day, from gear to workflow and where he positions himself.

How I Photographed a 70s Beauty Shoot on 3 Dollars

For the bulk of my career, I’ve operated on single-light photography for my projects while many others relied on multiple heads. This video is for the photographer eager to start and they think it requires a stockpile of gear. It’s to remind them they can operate on a lot less and start sooner if you have a clear direction with your concept.

How to Make an Editing Time-lapse and Increase Engagement

An editing time-lapse is a great way to give viewers a peek behind the scenes of how you edit your photos, is a quick watch, and a fantastic way to get people engaged in your content. So, how do you make them?

It’s Ok to Not Always Feel Ok

The creative industry is a tough one. We are absolutely passionate about what we do, which is different to most jobs out there. I mean, the jobs might be good, be interesting and satisfactory, but the running of your own photography or visual arts business has entrepreneurship, art, traveling, meeting other creative industry types, and the process of making something creative all combined into one job that you consistently spend time on building out, learning, and growing.

How to Get The YouTube Video Look in Just 7 Easy Steps

Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel and needed to build a set to film your videos on? In this video, take some advice from the experts and learn how to craft the perfect YouTube video setup.

How to Get the Most of Your Lighting Shaping Tools

Do you have a couple of light modifiers sitting around, but not sure how to use them? In this video, learn how you can mold and shape the face just by moving the angle and direction of your light.