How to Make Stylized Film Titles for Your Next Video

The guys from Film Riot catch ‘Guy Ritchie Disease’ and in the process teach you how to create the "Guy Ritchie" freeze frame effect. Whether you need an awesome intro title for your film or even a great effect for your own behind the scenes photography vlog, this Film riot video shows you how to create it in Adobe After Effects. If you’re more comfortable in Photoshop, you can put it together in there and then animate it in After Effects.

Free Webinar with Photographer Pei Ketron on Building a Following on Instagram

LIVE NOW! One of my favorite things about Instagram has to be the community. Having followed Pei Ketron for years now and watching her work evolve has been an incredible learning experience for myself. Today, for FREE, she is working with to offer a webinar on tips and tricks to building a following on Instagram. Why should you listen to Pei? For one, she has over 800,000 followers and a portfolio of work that includes Mercedes and Ona bags. A must see if you are intersted in taking your social media to the next level on Instagram!

Challenge: How Much Retouching Can You Finish In 6 Minutes?

is challenging you to see just how much retouching you can finish in 6 minutes. Dubbed the Dirty Edit Challenge, Jeff explains that sometimes you don't need to go overboard for certain clients. Maybe you're not getting paid enough, or maybe you have a ton of images that need retouching. In either situation, this is a great way to see what your strengths and weaknesses are in Photoshop.

Gregory Heisler Talks Photographic Style: This Inspiring Little Speech Could Change your Life

Well renowned portrait photographer Gregory Heisler in his interview above with Maine Media Workshops + College, shares invaluable insight and advice for photographers. Heisler begins with a funny incedent that took place when he was starting off as a photographer. From there he goes on covering everything from the mistakes he made in business, to understanding and developing your unique style in photography.

Everything You Need to Know About Auto Exposure Bracketing

What is Auto Exposure Bracketing? (AEB) is the setting on many DSLR cameras which allows you to take three different exposed images in quick succession. Often one image is under exposed, the second is mid range and the last is over exposed. AEB is commonly used for creating HDR (High Dynamic Range) images or giving you a range of options so that you are able to get the correct exposure in post processing.

Phlearn Shows You How to Create an Artistic Double Exposure in Photoshop

In this brilliant tutorial from Phlearn, Aaron Nace shows you how to create an artistic, composite image to replicate the double exposure effect. Despite being a little complex, the instruction is easy to follow. Nace’s great tips include: finding an appropriate blending mode, using detailed masking and grouping as well as using the gradient tool to add that extra something to your image.

17 Simple Tips To Help You Better Control And Master Natural Light

Most of us love natural light and feel comfortable shooting with it – but how well do you really know how to utilize it effectively and to control it with precision? I just spent the day with Erik Valind, a New York City-based lifestyle photographer in his 'Controling Natural Light' workshop. Here are 17 simple ways to help get great results from better understanding and utliizing natural light.

Tutorial: Create Beautiful Double Exposures Quickly in Photoshop

Last year, photographer duo Dylan Howell and Sara Byrne (of Dylan and Sara Photography) posted an awesome video showing you how to create beautiful double-exposure photos in-camera, a technique popular in fine art, portrait, and wedding photography. I just stumbled across this awesome tutorial by event and wedding photographer Andrew Klokow showing you how to replicate this cool look quickly and fairly easily in Photoshop.

Eight Tips I Wish Someone Told Me Early in My Career

Regret is the worst feeling in the world but as humans, we feel it. There are times we all look back at, kicking ourselves thinking "if only I had known… I would've done it differently." I remember telling myself if I was ever given the opportunity to be heard, I'd collect a list of tips to share with others so they don't have to feel the frustration that often comes along with regret.