Graphic Designer Uses Manfrotto Tripod and Apple Magic Trackpad to Work Hands-Free

Well, now we've seen everything. In this wild video, graphic designer Michelle Vandy shows off her — ahem — unique technique for working without the use of hands. Vandy developed this unusual workflow in order to combat her RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), and with it she is able to take movement of her arms and hands virtually out of the picture. She further credits this method with subtly influencing her design work.

Preparing and Packing A Portable Studio Efficiently

When people walk through my living room studio, they are puzzled that I do not own or rent a permanent studio space. What many do not know is that when I’m contracted for a commercial assignment, about 80% of the time I must travel to a location or shot at the client’s home base. And, in many cases that requires transporting several 9 foot seamless backdrops and a whole lot of equipment. I don’t have a giant bus to haul all of my studio gear, so it’s been a trying experience to find the right tools to efficiently pack and tote my mobile studio.

G-Tech Hits CES 2015 with a Major Focus on Rugged Lifestyles

While familiarity with LaCie's signature, bright-orange-accented Rugged series hard drives comes with the territory of being in the photography business, G-Technology has always relied on the simple reliability of its HGST hard drives and Apple-inspired looks to gain them the same notoriety -- until now. G-Tech's announcements for CES 2015 concentrate on introducing greater shock, dust, drop, and even water protection for those reliable drives inside with an array of bumpers, enclosures, and even lightweight Evolution-series-compatible drives for the mobile creative.

SanDisk Drops Three New Products at CES 2015

Each year over 150,000 people flock to Las Vegas for CES, the world’s largest consumer electronic showcase. Major tech innovators from all over the world kick off the new year by showing off their latest and greatest gadgets and innovations to the public. This year, SanDisk unveiled three new products that are designed to increase your productivity and give your workflow a boost.

Can't Afford A Movi? Meet The Nebula4000, The Pocket-sized $700 Video Stabilizer

During a shoot with Tony Roslund and Gary Martin for PRO EDU this past December, I was lucky enough to operate a Movi M5 for lots of behind the scenes and "color" footage. The motion rendered from the Movi, even while running, was most impressive. Just recently though I learned of the Nebula4000 Lite, and at a fraction of the price, I think this might be the next big compact video camera accessory to have.

Seagate Introduces World's Thinnest 500GB Hard Drive and a LaCie Surprise at CES 2015

Preempting CES 2015's official start date as so many electronics manufacturers often do to beat the media buzz, Seagate announced the world's thinnest 500GB hard drive — and who knew it could be so beautiful? While many might inquire as to the actual excitement a relatively low-capacity hard drive should bring, the reality is that the Seagate Seven — a truly 7mm-thick USB 3.0 external hard drive — could drastically change our mobile workstations in ways that make our lives much easier. Along with the Seven, Seagate announced the LaCie Rugged RAID, featuring up to 240MB/s-access to 4TB of storage in a USB 3.0 and Thunderbolt enclosure.

Westcott Flex: First of Its Kind Now Available

Announced earlier this year, the Westcott Flex is now available in stores. This unique device bridges the gap between a light and a light modifier, as it is a little bit of both. This fully­ bendable mat features a 10” x 10” surface lined with 166 dimmable LED diodes and outlined with a moldable 1⁄4” black frame. Weighing in at just 5 ounces, its compact design allows it to be easily concealed on set and allows for easy travel.

Fashion Photographer Lara Jade Takes On the DigitalRev Cheap Camera Challenge

Long time watchers of DigitalRev on YouTube will be all too familiar with the awesome series Pro 'Tog, Cheap Camera which airs only a couple times a year. For the uninitiated, as the title suggests, in this series world-class professional photographers leave their high-end gear at home and show what they can do with the most basic equipment imaginable. Previous episodes of the series include Alex Ogle, Philip Bloom, Chase Jarvis, Ben Von Wong, and Zack Arias to name a few. The newest installment features rock star fashion photographer, Lara Jade. Take a look!