Alien Skin Exposure 4: Our Favorite Photo Enhancing Plugin

I've been a big fan and user of Alien Skin Exposure software for many years now. A couple months ago Alien Skin asked if I would review their newest version of the software and although it took me quite a while, I'm finally done. Basically, Alien Skin has taken what I have always considered to be the best photo enhancing software available and they have made it even better.

Canon Broadens Serial Number Scope of Allergic-Reaction-Causing Grips

I'm sure many of you heard the original hooplah involving Canon's issues with the new Rebel T4i/650D, and if not, allow me to summarize: the grips were changing colors and allergic reactions were being reported related to some serial numbers. Well Canon Australia, which originally stated that its cameras were not affected by a fault - when they were - which could result in allergic reactions and red eyes when users come into contact with the camera, has expanded the number of serials affected.

How To Turn Sunlight Into Moonlight

In this behind the scenes lighting lesson, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens does something we might not often think to do: he uses the natural sunlight and turns it into moonlight-like light for this 1920's "speakeasy-themed" shoot. Believe it or not, he was able to achieve moonlight all in the camera - no post processing involved. So with a couple of tungsten lights, gels and sunlight, Jay P. has shown us a great idea that can easily be mimicked in your own shoot.

Maybe Photoshop Can Really Work On The iPad

Many photographers already use a tablet like the Wacom Intuos to work in Photoshop. You would think that an iPad would be even better because you can touch the very screen that you work is on but it's not that simple. Due to a number of issues like lack of pressure control and the fact that your hand itself will "select" parts of the screen, the iPad never took off as a professional tool. That is until I saw this video.

This Camera Can Shoot 1 Trillion FPS and See Light In Motion

MIT has created a camera that can actually view light in motion. By firing trillions of pulses of light and syncing their cameras shutter, they can create a video that shows how light moves through space and reacts to mass. By recording this amazing detail, these cameras can actually see into objects and around corners by monitoring the way the light bounces off and around an object.

This Nikon D4 Wielding Robot Arm Will Be Shooting At The Olympics

For the last few years photographers have been getting nervous about high res video cameras taking still photography jobs but we failed to see the biggest threat... robots! Apparently 12 of these robotic arms have been make to hold Nikon D4 cameras and shoot aerial photography at this year's Olympics Games. Luckily each of these cameras must still be controlled by a human photographer so we aren't going to lose our jobs yet.

How to Shoot Comedians Will Ferrell And Zach Galifianakis

Jeff Lautenberger, staff Photographer for the Dallas News, had just three minutes to photograph comedians, Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis for a feature story on the duo's upcoming movie, "The Campaign". The set? An empty hotel room at the Ritz-Carlton in downtown Dallas. With no time to set up artificial lighting, Jeff improvised and had to use two windows next to the bed as a natural softbox.

Use Protection: HDMI Lock For Canon 5D

Video monitor manufacturers SmallHD have recently released a port cover for the Canon 5DmII that prevents the HDMI port from getting damaged due to an accidental, uncontrolled removable of a mini-HDMI cable. This video makes you hold your breath as they drop a camera from the HDMI cord, but the Port Protector seems to hold strong. A very handy add-on to save you from a potential costly repair. Always practice safe shooting!

Kodak Loses Patent Case vs Apple/RIM

Even as Kodak Cameras have ballooned in value, Kodak is still struggling in their attempt to convert billions of dollars in patents into cash to turn around the haggard company. Unfortunately, they lost an appeal of a $1 billion patent suit against Apple and RIM, a turn of events that doesn't help the struggling former photography giant.

Fuji: Velvia No More

Fuji: Velvia No More

This is a sad day. While I don't foresee the end of the world, the Mayans tell us we still have can still happen. Certainly, this being the third post about discontinued film since I started on Fstoppers just six months ago, this is the start of the photographers' Armageddon. But don't go hang yourself just yet -- there's just enough good news to keep me going just a little longer.