This "Accelerated Moments" Timelapse Video Will Give You Wanderlust, Plus An Interview With Creator Sean Goebel

Sean Goebel might only do photography in his spare time while working on his PhD in Astronomy, but that hasn't stopped him from licensing work to the likes of Canon, the Discovery Channel, and others. A quick watch of his timelapse works, including Epochs and Mauna Kea Heavens and it is easy to see why. His latest timelapse project is included here, along with a brief look into its creation.

X-Plore Timelapse Project Brings Together Top Timelapse Artists For One Incredible Film

With hopes of saving at-risk environments and capturing them before they are gone forever, a team of 15 timelapse artists have decided to join forces and create a feature film. Eric Hines, Michael Shainblum, Drew Geraci, and Joe Capra are just a few of the names on the "CodeX" roster. They are crowdfunding to try and make this project a reality, and I spoke with team member Ben Canales on why this project matters.

Medium Format in the Sky: Eric Crosland's Aerial Photos of the Icelandic Eruption

Eric Crosland is the director of Sherpa Cinema, a collective of artists who produce some pretty amazing stuff. Crosland recently went to some rather remote parts of Iceland with Dave Mossop and John Trapman working on capturing some landscapes, something for which Iceland is a mecca. While there, the Icelandic eruption occurred and Crosland was ready with a Phase One.

Watch the Cityscape of Boston Dance Along to Music in this Unconventional Timelapse

Making a timelapse stand out is getting more and more difficult. I love that making them has become much easier and more approachable, but with hundreds being produced every day it can be hard to filter through to find the really great ones. This "layer timelapse" by Julian Tryba goes in a totally different direction than most lapses, ignoring the general perception of time.

Five Tips For Capturing That Perfect Lightning Photo

At the young age of 24, photographer and time lapse creator Michael Shainblum has already created an impressive resume. His photography and timelapse work has been featured on countless international publications, and he is often hired by large tourism boards and brands to create unique and appealing content. But quietly, in his free time, Michael has been chasing the stormy weather, and has captured some insane lightning strikes. As a lightning novice, I asked Michael...

The Milky Way – Amazing Time-Lapse and Images from Rural Greece

If you've never seen the Milky Way in the skies in any rural part of the world, you have been robbed of one of the most magnificent visions on this planet. I grew up in the southern part of Israel, which is a desert called The Negev. All the kids from my block would gather every summer night, lie down on the ground and just stare at the skies for hours on end. I didn't realize how lucky I was to grow up in that desert.

Brilliant Photoshop Tutorial On How To Turn Day To Night

Ever take a photo during the daytime and wish it was at night? Some of you may shake your head, but it there are legitimate times in commercial and editorial projects where this is completely necessary in order to fulfill client/creative requirements. Glyn Dewis has put together this effective and straightforward Photoshop tutorial on how to do just that. Read below to download the original file and try it out yourself!

A Time-Lapse Adventure Of Norway

If you haven't been to Norway this video by Rustad Media will have you booking your plane tickets. This video is the work of a 5 month adventure, shot from a 15,000 km (almost 10,000 miles) long road trip. In addition to video, tens of thousands of images were taken along the way. This journey covered all of Norway’s 19 counties, from the far south to the Russian border in the Northeast.

The Big Black Box - Everything You Need To Know About The LEE Filters System

I get asked day in an day out; "What is that big black box on the front of your lens?" Well, it's a matte box that mounts glass filters in front of your lens... the LEE Filters System. In attempt to cover the question I recieve so often, I wanted to address it all and explain the system, but my friend and fantastic photographer Dave Kai Piper beat me to the punch! So, instead of writing my own article on the matter, I thought it best to simply share his article...

Sit Back And Enjoy The Fall Colors Of Aspen, Colorado In This Motion Timelapse

Timelapse photographer and videographer Mike Kvackay took a trip over to Aspen a couple weekends ago to catch the yellow and red colors of the trees that peak during this time of the year. What better setting than Aspen, Colorado, near the Maroon Bells peaks? Check out the video and then read on to hear about Mike's setup for motion timelapses, and see a few more of his awesome timelapse videos.