The Tutu Project: An Inspiring and Refreshing Project That Aims To Fight Breast Cancer

Photographer Bob Carey has taken the fight against cancer into his own hands with the most unusual of tools: a man-sized pink tutu. By creating a combination of whimsical and emotionally charged self-portraits, Bob's project tugs at the heartstrings and spreads awareness in a humorous, yet touching, way. Check out the amazing photos and story in this video, which was produced by PocketWizard. You can get more information about the project and see more photos at

How To Use Photoshop For Focus Stacking Multiple Images

One problem photographers face when focusing on objects extremely close to the camera's lens is the depth of field can become quite shallow. Even if you shoot at f22, your lens simply can't keep everything from 1 foot to infinity sharp and in focus. Gavin Hoey has released an incredibly helpful tutorial on how you can use "image stacking" in photoshop to create images that have much more depth of field than normal. If you are a landscape photographer or shoot tricky subjects like interiors or macro still life, stacking images for maximum sharpness can be a lifesaver.

Nightfall in Los Angeles - Timelapse

"Nightfall" is one of the most recent works by photographer Colin Rich, who photographs the transition from day to night over the massive city of LA in a stunning way. Colin utilizes some fantastic camera movement which really adds a dynamic element to the work. I find it particularly impressive how he manages to capture the busyness of the city while showing the natural beauty that is present as well.

Curiosity Snaps a Gorgeous Photo of Martian Mountain Range

Sure, it's just a mountain range. But it's a martian mountain range. If it were anywhere else, it likely wouldn't be as interesting, unfortunately. But it's photos like this that remind us of simple beauty. Add to that the fact that it was taken millions of miles away on a planet no human has ever walked on, and it becomes even more astonishingly beautiful. So let yourself get caught up in the moment!