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Unique Holiday Gift Idea: Photograph Your Own Pet Calendar

The holidays months can bring extra leisure time, and there's nothing more rewarding than spending that free time on a challenging photography project. During last year's fall holidays I decided to turn my available energy into something creative and fun: a pet calendar for 2018.

Mastering the Rain Shot: Lighting

Rain during a couple’s portrait session can be hugely annoying for a wedding photographer. A dramatic rain shot can be the silver lining, but only if you’re fully prepared, especially on the lighting front.

How to Shoot Product Photography With One Light

Are you looking to get into product photography but find yourself holding back because you don't have a studio or multiple lights? You probably don't need as much as you think you need; you can create some amazing work with just one light.

Create a Haunting Image in a Small Studio

It's the time of year to get creepy and creative with your photography. And no better man to put shivers down your spine than Adorama TV's, Gavin Hoey.

How I Simulated Window Light in This Beauty Shoot

Sometimes all you want to do is shoot some beauty work with some natural light, but it doesn't mean the weather will always cooperate with you. Mother nature has a way of doing whatever she wants on any particular day. Super, right? Here's how I simulated window light in the studio.

The Lighting Breakdown: Iconographic Beauty

In this week's lighting breakdown, I'll show you the setup I used for this editorial beauty shoot that let me create an angelic mood and make the most of the model's fantastic skin.

How I Shot This Hair Shoot

Hair photography can be a pain to shoot. Having a good hair stylist is incredibly important to make sure you don’t end up spending more time than you should behind the desk for the retouching. When it comes to hair, you’ll already have to spend more time than you’ll like.

How I Shot This 'Breakthrough' Fashion Campaign

I have been a photographer for almost eight years, and to be honest, it has not always been fun. No career path is without its ups and down, and certainly, the creative industry is no different.