Strobe light

How One Photographer Set Up a Very Small Studio Space

For a hobbyist or someone just starting out, the cost of renting your own studio space can simply be too much or something not yet justified by the amount of time you spend on photography. This great video shows how one photographer made a studio space out of a small room in his New York apartment.

Remove Surface Glare On Your Interior Photos With This Quick Tip

When photographing commercial interior images, a common issue is an unsightly glare on reflective surfaces. Removing these reflections by compositing image layers significantly improves your images, separating you from the pack of "run-and-gun" real estate and interior photographers.

When to Use Standard Flash Versus High-Speed Sync

High-speed sync is a super useful technological advancement in flash technology that makes life a lot easier for photographers using strobes, but that doesn't mean you should always use it. This helpful video will show you some situations where high-speed sync has an advantage and others where standard flash should be your choice.

Why I Chose Third Party Speedlights Over the Name Brands

Name brand speedlights — like a lot of things in photography — are absurdly priced, and although they carry the big brand names, they also lack in a number of key areas versus the lower cost, third party alternatives. Take a look at my reasoning for steering clear of the big camera manufactures brand speedlights.

How I Shot This Natural Beauty Shoot

Beauty can be a lot of fun to shoot and it’s fun to find different ways to light a face in a flattering way. We might not be perfect in real life, but on camera? On camera we can be as perfect as the lighting setup and editing allows us to be! Magic? No. We still need gorgeous models but a great setup certainly helps.

How to Create Drama With Speedlights

Trying to replicate certain looks, especially from our favorite films, is a great way to enhance our skills as photographers, but it's not always as easy as it looks. Gavin Hoey from Adorama TV gives us some great tips on how to light a scene like a film noir.

Bridal Portraits: Thinking Outside the Box

Although I've been shooting weddings for years, I've always done bridal portraits as a "day of" service. In Colorado, there wasn't much of a market for bridal portraits before the big day. Now that I've moved to North Carolina, it's an entirely different ballgame! Pre-wedding portraits are big business down South. So, how can you separate yourself from the pack? Well for starters, take advantage of the fact that you now have one resource that isn't on your side on the actual wedding day: time.