Strobe light

Do You Know the Difference Between Broad Light and Short Light?

There are several different ways to light your subject in portrait photography. You probably have heard the different terms or styles of lighting and have seen them before, but do you know the difference between broad light and short light?

Unique Headshot Backgrounds for Small Areas Using Softboxes and Gels

I’m always on the lookout for new ideas for unique backgrounds, especially ones that work in small spaces. If the background is easy to set up and can be configured from material or gear I already have, well sign me up. So when I saw the title to Gavin Hoey’s latest video, I knew I had to watch it and if you are also looking for something small and easy, I suggest you watch this video.

How to Use Your V-Flat as a Key Light With Strobes

When it comes to lighting your subject, there are many different ways to do so and many different tools to help create and shape the light. If you do not have a ton of modifiers for your strobe but you do have a V-Flat, here's one way you can use the V-Flat to create soft light in your shot.

How Commercial Photographer Aaron Anderson Shot 'The Ranch'

Photographer Aaron Anderson has once again created an amazing set of images that came from an idea he could not shake. It's often been said that anyone can do something once but to keep coming back with impressive results is what differentiates the best from the rest.

Free Photoshop Action: NBP White Balance Adjust

Just about every photographer at some point has found themselves in a situation on set where the disparity between light temperature sources causes significant color casting in ways they don't want. In my experience, the most common problem is when you have to contend with traditional incandescent light bulbs in frame, but you're using strobes that are (mostly) balanced to average daylight light temperatures. What's the best way to fix this in Photoshop?

How Christopher Cavanaugh Shot This Color Gel Shoot

Fashion photographer Christopher Cavanaugh was brought on for this photo project that took place in Los Angeles by creative director Terrel Mullen as a collaboration project to expand both their portfolios. It expanded their portfolios and expanded our appreciation of what can be accomplished from behind the camera.

How to Take Cosplay Images in a Movie Poster Style

Every time I go to a theater I can't help but admire the images I see in movie posters, especially those in action and superhero movies. I've wanted to try and take an image in the style of some of my favorite Marvel movie posters but wanted to make sure I could find a model with the right suit to pull off the look. Fortunately, I found just that and more.

How Simon Wisbey Shot This Campaign for Lipsy London

Photographer Simon Wisbey recently did a campaign shoot for Lipsy London, shot at Premier Park Studios. The concept was devised by the creative team at Lipsy London head office and Simon then had to bring it to life.

Four Photographers Battle It Out in Three Spontaneous Challenges

When four amazing photographers are in the same location shooting the same model, there is bound to be a little competition. But add in three unknown challenges with a set of difficult limitations, and you have a recipe for great entertainment.

Lighting and Style Choices for Shooting Athletic Wear

One of the most rewarding parts of photography is choosing the right type of light for an assignment. The light that will best help convey what we’ve been hired to shoot. Nowhere is that more true than in shooting athletic wear.