Strobe light

An Introduction to Studio Strobe Lights

If you are not proficient in artificial lighting, it can see a bit like its own world with its own language. Never fear, though, this great video will get you up to speed on what studio strobes are, how they work, and how to integrate them into your personal workflow.

A Free Fashion Photography Tutorial Using the Fujifilm GFX 100

Recently I got my hands on the new Fujifilm GFX 100 medium format camera and thought it would be fun to create a free fashion photography tutorial showing my entire workflow. The goal of this shoot was to create a bunch of different looking styled shoots using natural light in combination with a few strobes.

How to Photograph a Clear Bottle With Only Two Strobes

Some photographers make a good living out of specializing in beverage photography, but many of these pros — who generously share their techniques on YouTube — do so using the best of equipment, so it might seem a little intimidating for a beginner. If you're curious about how to get professional-looking product images using some basic equipment, however, look no further than this tutorial.

The Importance of Flash Duration and How It Works

Flash duration is a lesser discussed concept, but it can have very practical consequences on your work. This great video will help you decode the numbers and figures to understand how it affects your images and how you can put it to use.

Paul C. Buff Announces LINK: An 800WS Portable Strobe

The past several years we’ve seen an amazing amount of new and portable lighting options in the photographic industry with breakout performers like Godox taking on the giants of the lighting world like Broncolor and Profoto. One of the biggest names in North America for lighting has been ominously silent but Paul C. Buff has finally responded and just released a new mid-tier performer that is sure to make many of Buff’s lighting fans excited for what’s coming next.

3 Things Photographers Get Wrong About Flash

If you’re diving into using strobes for the first time or if you are still learning how to use additive lighting in your photography, then definitely check out these three misconceptions that many photographers have about shooting with flash.

Review of the Profoto C1 Plus Flash Light

Today there are a lot of photo enthusiasts that only use a smartphone. It is easy for a lot of people, placing content directly online. Wouldn’t it be great of there was a way to have a flash light that would work seamless with a smartphone? Profoto has the C1 and C1 Plus flash for that.

How to Tame Ambient Light With Flash When Shooting Indoor Portraits

A common challenge for many portrait photographers is shooting people in a room with very strong ambient light. This tutorial and demonstration video gives a good solution to that, as well as to the challenges of shooting in front of a mirror.

A Review of the Godox V1 Flash

Godox is well known for producing affordable, high quality lights that a lot of photographers are quite fond of. The Godox V1 is their entry into the round head speedlight market, and it has captured the attention of a lot of photographers, particularly in the face of the much more expensive Profoto A1. Is it the right speedlight for you? This great review will answer that question.