Apple Documents Science Experiments in a Beautiful Way

With a blacked-out studio setup and iPhones mounted to what looks like selfie sticks, they’ve documented experiments that showcase visual reactions. It’s all on display here.

The gear is one thing, but the production of the actual video, and even the quality of the BTS video is something to get challenged and inspired by. It’s an Apple production, so obviously, an iPhone 11 Pro was used to capture it, and the behind-the-scenes video gives us an idea of how it was done.

It might be best for most of us to sit back and enjoy the scientists at work. The most interesting and creative part for video producers and photographers would be how each experiment was shot, the steps to get the various compositions, and what they did to get the various reactions illuminated. In the post-production and editing, they also play with time by slowing things down and speeding them up again.

These videos are great for children and people like me who never thought of science or experiments as being interesting or something that they’d be good at. By shining a light on it, these videos could change that, and maybe they might even inspire some new creative scientists.

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Wouter is a portrait and street photographer based in Paris, France. He's originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He does image retouching for clients in the beauty and fashion industry and enjoys how technology makes new ways of photography possible.

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It's amazing how many people still eat this shit up. This is SOOO 2000s...