Submit Your Image To Get Retouched For Free This Week!

Submit Your Image To Get Retouched For Free This Week!

I'm excited to announce a new weekly segment, where you the Fstoppers community can submit your favorite image to be edited and retouched by me, Lance Nicoll. Post an image you recently shot, that hasn't been retouched yet, in the comments below. On Thursday I will retouch it an post the recording of the entire process! If you guys love it, I will continue to do this every week! – And maybe in the future even do it as a Live Retouch with Q&A. The rules are as listed below. Really excited to see everyone's submissions. Submit your image by Wednesday at Midnight to be selected.

I can't wait to see everyone's submission and get interact with everyone in the Fstoppers Community. Here are the Rules and Guidelines to Submit and be selected:

  • Submissions will only be accepted from those with Fstoppers profiles.
  • Submissions can be ANY GENRE !
  • Only one submission per person per week.
  • If you submit an image this week and it doesn't get picked you CAN submit it again.
  • You will receive the completed high-res image to do with what you please!
  • I prefer you submit images that you have shot recently haven't been edited or retouched yet.

On Wednesday I will comment on your post if you were selected and ask you to email me the high-res image.

Each week I will select one or two image, depending on the type of retouch. And will spend 1 to 2 hours retouching. I'll post the before and after next Monday and we'll do it all over again!

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Chris Adval's picture

You prefer any format? RAW, JPG (high I assume?), TIFF uncompressed? Do you prefer a completely untouched image or is it okay to submit with lightroom edited and submit for retouching here?

Lance Nicoll's picture

Chris just post a jpeg now - I'll message whomever gets selected for the RAW or Tiff

Chris Adval's picture

Would you pick the ones SOOC or slightly light/color adjustments in LR? Or better question, is it ok to submit with light/color adjustments from LR?


Lance - sounds very interesting! I assume you want the RAW? How do I get that over to you?

This is from a recent model shoot I did two weeks ago:

Lance Nicoll's picture

I'll message whomever gets selected to email the RAW - thanks

Michael Higa's picture

How can I submit a raw file? Anyway, here's a jpeg.

Lance Nicoll's picture

I'll message whomever gets selected to email the RAW

Andrew Yianne's picture

Here's a shot from a skincare company ad I shot a few weeks ago

Dani Hagler's picture

Great idea!

Erick Nguyen's picture

Hi, i love ur ideas and here is mine. Thanks

Jeff Goe's picture

Photo I took a few weeks ago in natural lighting.

Anonymous's picture

Ha ha ha .... you have a lot of spare time ;-)
Good luck

Sudhanshu Singh's picture

here's mine. I could send the raw file too :)

Brett Ferguson's picture

Here you go!

Federico Polese's picture

What a great initiative. Please find here a picture of my son in a recent trip to Svalbard Island while he was dressing up for kayaking in the artic. its a snap but I like it. I would love to see it retouched

Lorenz Bee's picture

go for it !

Zoli Tarnavölgyi's picture

Great idea! I'd be really curious, how would you retouch my picture! :-) freckles, colors.. :-)

Tom Karnauh's picture

I think there are too many colors in comments here)
But this was shooted with strong blue filter.
So it will be some sort of "battle" between raw-file and retoucher.
Сool idea anyway!

Szergely Gergo's picture

wow, great idea! Lets try, here is mine. Thank you

vatche Karagozian's picture

totally into this

Szergely Gergo's picture

Thank you! :)

Abu Samra's picture

very nice idea :)

Tobias Polo Lopez's picture

Lance, great idea and initiative! I hereby would like to submit an (studio) image I shot about 2 weeks ago! Would love to see your take on it!

Ghima Laresco's picture

That's awesome. In my country we have few professionals that have both technical knowledge and still want to help other professionals. This image was commissioned for a campaign inspired by the "savanna woman." As we did not have a savanna for us to use as a location, we use a quarry.

Francisco Manzanares's picture

great idea

Scott S's picture

Sure, I'd love to see how far I' missing the mark on editing...#struggleisreal

Kolade Agunbiade's picture

Lol, seems like you're struggling Just FINE.

Leszek Lata's picture

recent leaf blower shoot. I have a RAW file available if you need it. Thanks in advance.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

From this weekend in Toronto. Model = My Wife ;)

yann cloitre's picture

Hihi, great idea!!! would love to see the outcome.

Erik Lindahl's picture

I photo I took at a wedding a couple of weeks ago.

// Erik Lindahl

scott goodwill's picture

I would love to see one of my recent photos edited. Thanks

andres Blasquez Mota Velasco's picture

Here is my photo.


Luzy JJ's picture

Hi Lance!!
Nice idea, thanks for the oportunity.

ERICK REYES's picture

My photo..

Deleted Account's picture

Great idea Lance. This jpeg example is just a graded proof for the model, so no retouching done. The actual raw I can send is -1.35 under exp, but there's nothing crushed. Have at it!

vatche Karagozian's picture


Ed Jelley's picture

fingers are crossed...

Andrzej Leszczynski's picture

Hi, my fresh shoot, untouched, converted from raw into .jpg

Ben Ahhi's picture

here's mine woot!

Siim Kinnas's picture

Just started editing images from this session and would love to see what You'd do with it. That's a real wolfskin, by the way.

Yazmine Rosales's picture

photo my friend took at golden hour

Joan Rambarran's picture

This is a dng file.

Julio Momonuki's picture

Wow :) o/

Cedric Nicodemo's picture

Here's my submission

Mitchell Flores's picture

heres from a recent shoot i did a few days ago, i can send raw as well!

Lance Nicoll's picture

Can you email me the RAW of this file - if you get it to me by tomorrow you're the pick for this week!
email at

Pablo Moscoso's picture

Here's mine

Vahid Moazeny's picture

Hi There, that's it

Sumarlin Putra's picture

Here's my latest photo :D

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