Adobe's Mobile Photoshop Application will be Released in October

Last May, Adobe gave the world a sneak peek of their forthcoming mobile retouching platform. While the video only showed off modest implementations of the liquifiy, paint, and vignette tools, it's clear that Adobe and their army of software engineers have been hard at work beefing up their iPhone and iPad apps.

As reported by CNET, the Photoshop-branded app is likely to be released as early as October 3rd, 2015 at the Adobe MAX conference in LA.

The released version, according to The Verge, is likely to feature retouching staples such as content-aware fill and spot healing in some form or another. 

Much like the current mobile version of Lightroom, the mobile Photoshop (now nicknamed "Project Rigel") will allow users to sync projects from their work computer to their mobile device to make changes which will then be effortlessly translated back to the flagship version of the software, allowing photographers and retouchers to do cursory work on the road (or on the couch).

Of course, this isn't Adobe's first venture into the world of mobile retouching, their first Photoshop-mobile app, Photoshop Touch, was met with lackluster acceptance and has been recently discontinued. 

While it's unlikely that anyone will be using this app as their primary editing platform — and if it's anything like Lr mobile they may not even be able to — it'll be an important step for Adobe. 

[Via CNET & The Verge]

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Aiman Al-Ghazali's picture

If they add graduated and radial filters, I'm sold!

Matt Rennells's picture

Spell check 2nd paragraph Phoshop-branded

Chelsey Rogers's picture

thanks I fixed it!!

mark millar's picture

I think what you said, this is a step in the right direction, is the key. Testing is all fine and good, but getting the product out there is the best way to get feedback. With the CC (not comment) program, many people may give this a whirl for "free" (again, no comment). If people were paying for the individual software installation, perhaps it wouldn't even get off the ground.

Little steps. We didn't get to the moon until long after someone inflated a balloon with hot air.

Justin Williams's picture

Just a thought but new Adobe app plus the rumored iPad pro w/ force touch and rumored stylus = Wacom alternative. I wouldn't be surprised if they have been working with apple behind the scenes on this.