Only Hours Left To Enter Fstoppers Biggest Photography Contest Ever

The first ever Fstoppers Workshop in the Bahamas is happening May 28th - June 1st at Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas and we want to give one of our readers the trip of a lifetime for FREE! We are actually doing 2 separate contests and they both end today, Friday May 28th at midnight eastern time.  If you are looking to expand your own photo skills, connect with other photographers in your field, explore a different genre of photography, or simply take a vacation you can write off, this is going to be the event to attend. How do you win this trip for free? Details are below:

Contest 1: All expense paid trip to the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop in Nassau, Bahamas.

This contest is open to everyone world-wide. On February 1st, 2014, one lucky Fstoppers fan will win a flight voucher worth up to $500 to travel to the workshop in the Bahamas. They will also win accommodations for 5 nights at the Atlantis Resort and access to any of the courses offered throughout the event. A passport is required to enter the Bahamas so make sure your documents are current and up to date.

How to enter (each option below will count as a separate entry): All you have to do is leave a comment on this post below explaining why you want to win this contest. Vulgar or trolling entries will be disqualified/deleted so keep it nice

Twitter: Simply follow @fstoppers and retweet the following message between now and Jan 31st: "Follow @Fstoppers and retweet this message to win a free trip to the Bahamas for the Fstoppers Photo Workshop"

Youtube: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel at and leave a comment on this contest video here.

Facebook: Like our Fstoppers Page and leave a comment on this contest post to qualify. BONUS: Share the Facebook contest post on your own wall and earn a second entry.

On February 1st we will randomly choose 1 name from each of the areas mentioned above and randomly draw one as the grand prize winner.

Contest 2: Full Refund on All Paid Classes

This second contest is open only to those who have signed up and paid for a class at the 2014 Fstoppers Workshop. To inspire you guys to sign up early, rather than waiting until the last minute, on February 1st we will pick one lucky attendee and reimburse their entire photography workshop class package. The full refund amount will depend on the number of classes bought prior to the announcement of the winner. Since this year's workshop is limited to about 200 students, your chances of being chosen are much greater than the above contest open to the general public.

Additional Rules and Terms:
All entries must be submitted before 11:59 PM eastern time on January 31st for consideration. Prizes are contingent on winner attending the workshop and are worth no actual monetary value. Winning trip and classes cannot be transferred or given to anyone other than the winner. Passport is required.

To learn more about the first ever Fstoppers workshop head over to or watch the video below.

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Previous comments
Josh Holmes's picture

My love of photography started with my mother who was a professional photo-journalist. My fascination is "stopping time" and being able to let others see through my eyes.

I would love to the opportunity to grow my skills, especially in such an amazing location with such an amazing crew as the folks from fstoppers...

Dakota Stephens's picture

You guys rock... I just want to hang out with you.
Maybe we'll talk about photog... but hey, we'll be in the Bahamas!
*** Groovy ***

Randy McKown's picture

One Simple Reason .. I'll be your new best friend and let's just be honest with each other here - finding a new best buddy is way better than ohhh lets say a photographer winning a trip to the Bahamas .... ok that might be stretching it ... but hey ... a new friend definitely comes in at a close 2nd.

Evelyn Mason's picture

What a great opportunity to improve your photography from one of the best! Good Luck to everyone!

Alexis Lagos's picture

i would like to win not because i deserve it over anyone else but because i have struggled with photography for too long and have done it for too long to quit now - even though it is a complicated bittersweet love affair as well i need a retreat from the icy, neverending grey that is the 13/14 winter.

doug deane's picture

Winning the opportunity to Fstoppers' workshops would be splendiferous!!!

Fahad H. Al Khadim's picture

Photography is my passion, but I never had the chance to attend an extensive photography program even though it would be a dream comes true. It has never been financially possible, as flight fares and accomidition were always an obstacle.

James Doherty's picture

An awesome opportunity and a great venue as well.

Jonny Ray's picture

I'm confused. Is the contest still open? It looks liek you posted this contest yesterday but it says the contests both "end today, Friday May 28th"

Shawn Kent's picture

Please...not sure anyone tried that, but the magic word might work for a magic prize. At any rate I would love to go and show my chops to the F-Stoppers community. And my wife would have to let me go!

MichaelT's picture

I am a 22 yo guy from Greece and this would be the dream of lifetime! As
a new photographer I would like to explore this magic world of
photography through your workshop! I've been reading your site for
sometime now and it would be a great opportunity to have a photography
discussion in person. So many of my questions could be answered in a
such great way as yours! So it could be a great opportunity for me to be
a part of your workshop so that I can learn new things and share them
with the world via my work! Thank you in advance awesome fstoppers team!

Evan Finley's picture

I've loved photography since I was a kid, snapping my little 35mm point and shoot at anything that caught my eye. I've come a long way since than and learned a lot, but now that I've decide to pursue photography professionally I feel like I've hit a wall and am not really sure where to go from here. Maybe rubbing shoulders with other photographers for 5 days and learning from some of the greats is the inspiration I need.

James P. Garcia's picture

Because it would be Freaking Awesome to WIN!

Plus this would be a great opportunity to enhance my skills as a photography and really catapult my career and business to the next level. I look to opportunities like this since I work, have a family, and general life stuff so the amount of time I can put in is sometimes limited. However, my goal is to turn this around and make a successful career out of my photography so I can take control of my life! Going to something like this gives me the opportunity to learn from professionals first hand rather than going to a very expensive school for a very long time!

So good luck to me :)
One love!

Ric Ettinger's picture

I need a vacation.

Srinavin Kumar's picture

Nothing but for the love of photography and global experience , meeting great people :)

Vanessa Viera's picture

Photo? Workshop? With the best oh the bests? In Bahamas? And a chance to win all this dream package by leaving a comment ?… I would confess I would not even consider to go to this workshop otherwise because of the money. I am a self-taught photographer, mainly interested in human-nature relationship. I am intuitive and creative, but I do need and want to improve my technic and I am always motivated for learning. And if it can be with the bests... This is a lifetime opportunity for sure. Thanks and Good luck to everyone!

Ryan Abbas's picture

What an amazing opportunity to not only further my knowledge in photography that I can immediately use to benefit my craft, but to also meet fellow photographers and network!

Henry Tiong's picture

WHo wouldn't want to have the chance of going to a tropical island for a photography course where you can simply step out onto the beach and put your newfound skills to the test shooting scantily clad women and ordering them around. Alas, I have never been so lucky but this may change it all!

Stefan Guse's picture

I live in Finland and haven't seen the sun for a while now. If that's not a valid reason I don't know what is ;)

Brian MacLochlainn's picture

I ain't good with stories as to why I should be allowed go, but I will say this, it will be a better event with me there as I am a sexy (over weight), beautiful (middle aged), talented (sell out) photographer ...... oh heck just give me the tickets :)

Christy Splechter's picture

I would like to win because I am currently sitting in North Pole Alaska in minus 38 Fahrenheit temps. Plus it would give me the excuse I need to finally upgrade my gear.

JohnDavdPittman's picture

An opportunity to learn from John Keatley would absolutely blow my mind! Plus, I'm a huge Seahawks fan so we are probably already best friends. It's meant to be.

Angela Michelle's picture

I would love to network with other photographers in the industry and learn some new skills.

Umar Mohammed's picture

Would Love to win this - Great Job thus far guys

Umar Mohammed's picture

Hi Guys
I am from the Caribbean (Trinidad and Tobago) and given the vast array of knowledge there is out there, Fstoppers have definitely been an eye opener as well as a Great resource for Photography knowledge for Beginners, as well as Established Photographers alike

I would love to win this opportunity to learn more on the field as i would love to explore photography more as a profession especially here in the Caribbean where every click is an amazing photo awaiting to happen

Great Job on everything you have done thus far and cheers for all the thinks that i know would come from you in the near future

Iris Bonet's picture

I've been stuck with my canon rebel xti since I graduated my photography program 4 years ago because of lack of funds and am in desperate need of new equipment! My business has finally started to pick up and I am looking to invest in new equipment this year and this would be a great opportunity to expand my knowledge on those products and new techniques out there.

Guest's picture

I want to win so I can prove that you are never too old to find a passion. I've always take pictures but in the past five or six years I have become more serious with my camera, worked under a few different professional photographers, had my portfolio reviewed, was selected to represent at a gallery show and started my business. And I've loved every minute of it!

Charmaine Albury's picture

oh man!! I wish i would have seen this contest before now :( I live on a tiny Bahama Island and long to visit the other islands!!!! Especially Atlantis WOW!! Congratulations whoever won!!!