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Your Logo on Your Best Image

With Mike Kelley
Submit your logo on your best image for a chance to win a free Fstoppers tutorial.
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We chose 20 photography logos from the Fstoppers community and critiqued them. Judge for yourself if you think the quality of the logos matched the photos.

Lee Morris and Mike Kelley have had a long standing discussion that the quality of a photographers logo gives them a good idea of the quality of the photographers work. While this theory didn't hold perfectly true, this video gives some great insight into the branding that photographers choose and some suggestions for improvement. 

Congratulations to Liza Rock for submitting the highest rated community image and to Frankie James for being the randomly selected entrant to win a free Fstoppers original tutorial. We will be in touch with both of you through your Fstoppers profiles to claim your prize. 

If you missed the entry deadline for this episode, join us in our next Critique the Community where we'll be selecting 20 community images of macro photography. 

  • Submission Deadline: Sat, 30 Jun 18 03:45:00 +0000

    This contest has ended.

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I completely agree with Mike about not putting the photography and soon I will remove from my website.

Lee Morris: "There's gonna be a scientist"
swipes, photo of woman
Hey just because your favorite movie is back to the future doesn't mean she can't be a scientist 😂

My favorite logo was Eduardo Mugica. Nice and clean. The slash on the O makes it visually interesting.

Very much enjoyed this episode.

I think this contest/critique sucked, because...
People clearly voted for the photo and not for the logo in the photo. Most of the highest rated "logos" are very poorly done. Clearly people don't know what are main criterias for a good logo design. That's because photographers aren't usually good graphic designers.

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