Best DIY Solutions for Home-Made Smartphone Rigs

For most creators, a smartphone is more than enough for creating content. If you’re stuck at home without your gear, you can still make your own rigs and start shooting.

You’ve probably noticed that you might need some additional rigs and gear in order to spice up your videos. Even some smartphones offer built-in stabilizers, they don’t work as good as the actual mobile gimbals. Also, a moving stop-motion video is usually more exciting than the static ones. If you want to order all this additional gear online, you may end up paying a couple hundreds of dollars. Considering the current economic situation, some DIY craft might save your time and money.

In this 8-minute video, COOPH shares the best DIY smartphone rigs made with items that can be found easily at any home. With these tips, you can create your own mobile gimbal, time-lapse rig with rotating base, stabilizer, spinning rig and even an automated slider. Even if you don’t have a mobile tripod, you can make your own gorilla pod as explained in this video.

What do you think of these solutions? Do you have any DIY tips? Let us know in the comments section below.

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