Five Great Adobe Lightroom Tips

In his latest photography tutorial, noted French photographer and prolific video tutorial maker Serge Ramelli discusses his top five Lightroom tips.

My photography editing workflow involves using Lightroom as my photo catalog and doing some quick initial global adjustments (exposure, white balance, shadows/highlights, setting black and white point, profile corrections, alignment, and Dehaze slider these days) before bringing the image into Photoshop where I do the majority of my editing work. For a lot of photographers however, Lightroom is the main editing program of choice and is a very powerful, intuitive tool. Ramelli's tips are terrific and easy to implement for both Lightroom power users and novices such as myself.

Ramelli's tips include using an adjustment brush to further refine gradient filters, using presets to quickly and easily create starting points for an edit, dodging and burning specific areas of a photograph with the brush and radial filter, syncing multiple images together to quickly batch edit, and stitching together high resolution panoramas using the Photo Merge tool.

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Do you already use those tools and techniques? Do you have any Lightroom tips that are essential to your editing workflow and style?

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Merci Serge ! Tip 1 is awesome. How could I didn't seen it before ?

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Thank you!

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