Free Capture One Color Workflow Webinar With Pratik Naik

After releasing a tutorial video together, Phase One and Pratik Naik are teaming up again but for a 60-minute webinar this time. It’s your chance to see and learn all the color tricks the beauty and fashion retoucher uses to get incredible results with any image using Capture One Pro.

Phase One has offered webinars for quite a while now, and from time to time they have brought photographers or retouchers on the show to give a different perspective. On March 30, at 5pm CEST – 11am EDT or 8am PDT – high-end retoucher Pratik Naik is going live on the webinar to offer you an insight on what the bests in our industry use to get amazing colors out of raw files. If you enjoyed the previous 20-minute long tutorial Naik created for the Capture One Pro competition, you’ll most likely enjoy this webinar! The best thing about webinars is that they are interactive so you can react live and ask any question you’d like.

Because Phase One knows how much photographers and retouchers are curious and like asking questions, they’ve even added 30 minutes of panel discussion with Naik and famous fine art photographer, Bella Kotak. To participate, all you have to do is sign up on Phase One’s website! If for any reason you cannot attend, I’m sure the recording of the webinar will be available on YouTube in the upcoming days.

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James Kent's picture

Looking forward to this. As an amateur, C1 has really improved my editing by giving me a better starting point. At least I THINK thats whats going on. It may be the order in which I edit. The initial RAWS are definitely more appealing and it seems to lead me to a better edit. For some reason I'm not as heavy handed and my edits are much more tasteful. I've been using it for about a month now and I hope to see it gain popularity over LR and other subscription based processors.

Adam Peariso's picture

This webinar went great. Learned a few great tricks up my Capture One game.

Quentin Decaillet's picture

I couldn't watch the whole webinar, I really hope Phase One will publish the recording on YouTube soon!

Adam Peariso's picture

Here ya go ;)

Tomash Masojc's picture

already past, damn, thank you for record!