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How to Color Grade Your Images Using the Levels Tool in Photoshop

Color grading is a pivotal step in putting the finishing polishes on an image and developing your own personal style. If you are new to the technique, this great video will show you how you can quickly and effectively color grade an image using the Levels tool in Photoshop.

Coming to you from Aaron Nace with Phlearn, this helpful video will show you everything you need to know about using the Levels tool for color grading in Photoshop. There are quite a few ways to color grade an image, but if you are new to Photoshop, the Levels tool offers a great balance between granularity and ease of use. Color grading is one of the best ways to develop a personal style and is often one of the most recognizable aspects of a professional photographer's style. The thing that is important to remember with any sort of color work is that it is very easy to go overboard; notice how little Nace has to move the sliders to create a noticeable effect. In general with color work, try to take a more reserved approach. It is always a good idea to step away from your image when you are done with an edit and come back to it with a fresh set of eyes before you decide it is completely done. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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