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2.04 - "Needs Work" 

This image is a highspeed productshot, the water hits the edge of the blade of a tactical knife. Enjoy.

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A B's picture

The image would be stronger without the text (or at least needs different font/color/kerning). There's also a lot of noise and the background isn't pure black which I think is essentially a requirement for this kind of product photography?

Eric Mathiasen's picture

Maybe I need to re-calibrate my monitor, but I don't see much noise at all in the background. I'm admittedly not a fan of text in a photo competition dedicated to water.

My biggest complaint, though, is that the way it's composed and shot, it's really not at all apparent you needed high-speed techniques to pull it off. It looks like there's water on the bottom surface and stuck to the blade, but almost zero water actually in-flight. Even the water on the blade could have been done with mineral oil or something more viscous like glycerin to get a very similar look without having to try to catch droplets. The few droplets (other than the 6 super-tiny ones) that *are* mid-flight are completely obscured by the water that's already on the blade and the bottom, leaving an image that's surprisingly lacking in momentum considering what you were attempting.

Lighting is ok, assuming this is a product shot, I think the fact that the reflection is sooo broken up is distracting, and the handle of the knife is almost invisible even though for most knife buyers the handle is often *more* important than the blade when it comes to selecting a knife.