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1.89 - "Needs Work" 

This was taken last month while my ship was in the Gulf of Mexico (I work on a ship). This time of year we get awesome squall lines that come through. They create dramatic scenes where the clear skies on either side of the cloud line reflect the deep blue water onto the clouds.

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I'm really curious if the colors on this are natural, or if you worked them. It looks like you added or at least enhanced the blues a lot, but then again I've seen storms with colors that look completely unnatural, so i'm not really 100% sure but really curious.

The dynamic range is handled well.

Hi Eric! I brought out the blues in the highlights (mainly the bottom third of the photo to the left). This photo was taken about 100 miles off the coast with VERY blue water. Its blue sky and clear on either side of these very narrow squall lines that come through, allowing the sun to reflect the inky blue of the ocean into the low clouds. Its very odd to see and makes the squalls look way more intense than they really are.