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1.39 - "Snap Shot" 

While on a trip to the Moab, Utah area with my high school class, we shot some photos of the Colorado River, our project focus.

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Eric Mathiasen's picture

I like canyon scenes - I was born in Boise, Idaho, and still enjoy visiting the Snake River, where there are a few places similar to this along it. There's nothing terrible about this image, but I think the advice I'd give is that it lacks any real focal point - what's the subject of the photo? If it's the canyon itself, then it needs some post-processing to reduce some of the harsh shadow contrasts, while maybe increasing overall color contrast. HDR is often overdone, but this is the kind of photo it works best with as long as you don't get carried away trying to make everything the same exposure. For example, the cloud is blown out, and the left wall of the canyon could benefit from being a little more visible. On the other side of the canyon, playing with exposure might enable you to enhance some of the natural reds that often help make Utah canyons so colorful.

Last comment - rivers can be beautiful, although this stretch of this river is really not photogenic.