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3.16 - "Solid" 

I shot this for Mazda as part of a PR project, we were shooting car to car on a closed road in SoCal along with a video crew. While waiting for the video guys to reset their rig, I saw how nice the CX-9 looked so I shot a few different angles. Turns out this shot became the favorite of the marketing dept and agencies in the US and 5 or 6 other countries. For about a year and a half the picture was licensed many times for use in newspaper ads, online marketing and advertising, as well as the cover of the Mazda Canada catalog. All total I think the licensing fees totaled close to $26,000.

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Russell McKellar's picture

Was this the best out of the set? It really looks like a bit of a half arsed shot where you got lucky with refections...

Not sure what you mean by getting lucky with reflections?