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1.82 - "Needs Work" 

I have not earned $2000 from these photos, because I've been asked to take them at the wedding of my English friends (I'm Polish). I have priced them at $300, because they are close friends (the base price is $800). The bride has requested that I focus on their dog, not on the newlyweds..??? It turned out that the bride's dog is dying of cancer, and he is the most important to her. This is why the wedding has been moved to an earlier date, which required me to rearrange my plans as well. Everything that has happened after I've taken the photos has exceeded everybody's expectations. My photos have appeared in many English magazines and television. This was a massive surprise, and I couldn't have imagined this happening when I was taking the photos. Instead of the money, I have the satisfaction that the photos I have taken have appeared in magazines and television. I'm happy I was part of this unusual event.

Were there any issues with the wedding photography?

The photos aren't special. I only had 30 minutes to set up everything and everyone. The photos are normal but they are what the newlyweds have wished for, which is... life.

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