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Shot on Venice Beach in California during a family trip back in June of 2016. Sold to Apple in 2017

I didn't think much of the image at the time other than "It's alright." I posted it ( along with a few other shots ) on a photo editing/sharing app called VSCO. Months go by and I get an email from the Photo Editor at Apple Itunes. They saw my image on the app and wanted to use it for a photo app they were coming out with. The only problem was they needed signed model releases from the two guys in the image... Now, I am back home from California and have no idea who these two are. I get to work. I started by looking on the Venice Beach Skateparks Instagram. I find nothing... Start looking up hashtags for the Skatepark and find a Photographer who shoots there often. I messaged him and he directed me to another Skater who rides the park frequently that might know these two. Well, turned out he does end up knowing them and I get in contact with the Skater in the air in this photo. I explained I would be willing to pay them $150 each for signatures. They were thrilled. Well, after sending over the model release they changed their mind and wanted $400 Each... I declined and said I would use another image ( I didn't have another image ). His then "manager" (most likely his mom) tried negotiating with me raising the price to $1500 each for their signatures... I called the whole thing off and said "Forget it, I have other images and you guys will be getting paid nothing. Have a good evening" Not long later the Skater in the air called me and apologized and asked what the best I could do for them would be. Since I wanted this photo to be used by Apple I gave them $300 each and got my signatures. All of this took place over 2 months and I never saw the image anywhere throughout the itunes store.

Image sold for $2,000

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A great story really adds to your shot.