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This series was created for a lawyer group that protect companies. The images were used on their website and published in articles and news papers over the years.

We used the card house as a metaphor for the company, because it has been build with care and great attention. We used Dutch proverbs for the imagery for they mostly operate in the Dutch market. I will explain them all down below from left up to right below.

1. "Hij is mijn rots in de branding". Translated: 'He is my rock in the surf'
which stands for 'He is my support and refuge'.

2. "Iemand de hand boven het hoofd houden". Translated: 'Holding the hand above someone's head'
which stands for 'Taking someone in your protection'.

3. "Aan het roer zitten". Translated: 'Stand at the helm'
which stands for 'Taking the lead'.

4. "Het zwaard van Damocles". Translated: "The sword of Damocles"
which stands for 'Something that can happen quickly or at any time'.

5. "Voor iemand door het vuur gaan". Translated: 'Going through the fire for someone'
which stands for 'To give up and sacrifce everyting for someone'.

6. "Uit de wind houden". Translated: 'Keeping someone away from the wind'
these two are the secretaries of the laywers. Because all contact goes trough them first they keep the
lawyers less occupied.

The whole overall sum for this project was € 2.420,- with tax. No extra money for publications. It was an assignment in my first year of my business and I was very proud of delivering these images. It got great attention and more assignments afterwards.

Unfortunately the middle company who hired me to create these images for the website wanted to claim all the copyrights and took all credit from outside sources where these images where presented or if it won a price in a competition. The copyrights were never bought, but that's how business here in the Netherlands mostly goes.

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That looks like a lot of great work for not a huge fee :(

We all have to start somewhere. Back in the day I hadn't as much costs as I do now.