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2.48 - "Needs Work" 

This picture is from a time when i have shoot a lot of panoramic images. It show´s a scene in Japan Yamadera back in 2007. I was preparing my camera on the tripod when the bird flew into the scene. I spontaneously took the picture. This was the first image for the panorama. After a while this old man was climbing up on the wooden platform on the mountain. He perfectly finished the picture cause he was looking into the same direction where the bird was flying minutes ago....

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dude, this photo is solid. to the ones who have and will rate this a 2. re-evaluate your eyes.

Don't waste your breath. I've seen spectacular images rated at 2. I think something else is at play here.

I totally agree that this is a solid image.
With the bird, I know sometimes things happen in front of you so quickly that you only get one chance at it. Personally (and just me only being super critical here), I just wish the bird was in a slightly different pose, as you kind of have to look at it for a second to work out what it actually is... But hey, I probably would have missed the bird completely... haha
Great shot!