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2.94 - "Solid" 

The subject came to the studio wanting to be his favorite superhero. We took a variety of different images but this was my favorite. I had him sit on a table with the idea that he would be sitting on the edge of the building looking over the city. After the shoot we were able to find this background image with an ledge at the proper (or close enough) angle to match his sitting position. The original image was shot on blue screen and we purchased the rights to use the background image.

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Von Wong inspired! ;)

I can’t say inspired because I’ve never heard of Avon Wong, but thank you for turning me on to them, I’m inspired now!

I gave it cause I'd like to see a bit less dodging on the boy (especially in the feet and right arm). Would warm his highlights a bit too, to match more with the building tones. Otherwise, great shot. I bet your client loved it!!!

Thanks for the feedback, I see what your saying about warming up the tones and less dodging. A little bit of the shadows and highlights on the suit are actually printed onto the suit itself but I’m sure I did some extra in post. And thanks the little boy really did like it!