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1.93 - "Needs Work" 

I am doing a Princess series. She is my Sea Princess. It was also raining while we were shooting. I this picture she was thinking that she just washed up on shore and is too tired to move.

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Love the set-up and the spray of water really adds, in my opinion. Too bad the watermark is the most visually dominant element, though. :(

I think there is a slight disconnect in your description and the model's expression. Her body posture and eyes say that she is tired, like you were going for, but it appears that the model is cracking a very slight smile. Because the model is cracking a smile, my mind doesn't go straight to exhaustion, instead it looks like a shot where the model was having fun during the shoot and a splash hit her and she instinctively closed her eyes. Its a good shot, but I think to sell the exhaustion more, the model could have her head tilted more to the side even possibly resting her head on her arms, and no emotion on the face.