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2.53 - "Solid" 

Im somewhat of a 90s kid so growing up I loved photos like this that you would find in gamesmaster magazine or some gaming hardware company advert, I wanted to get the same look and feel to these images while also showing off the immersion these games created even without all the high end technology like VR etc.

With those images in mind and a childhood love of playing tetris I went forward with the first of a set of images, to get the effect of floating I researched levitation photography. So in the studio I gelled up the main lights to represent the sort of neon colours of the time to replicate the bright arcade sytle.

I wanted something else in the image to give it an extra realistic touch as I knew it would be post processing heavy. At this point I sat and printed several paper nets of white cubes, which I left a flap open on and I was able to gel speedlights inside the cubes to create a colour cast on the model.

Taking the image into photoshop I wanted to enhance the coloured cubes to look like tetris blocks so I used 3d software to help position them rendered the glowing boxes onto a transparent background and brought it together in photoshop along with the needed edits for levitation etc.

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love all the work you put into this! my only strong criticism is the green spark at her crotch, its very distracting and you did mention it having a purpose :)