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1.87 - "Needs Work" 

This is my first attempt at a composited image, this was taken in Olympia, Washington (the capital of Washington state) with the capital building in the background. I know it's a horrible image, but I would like your input on how I could make this image better. Chances are this will get rated as a 1-2 star image never the less it was fun - pain in the ass to light and shoot. Everything is real except the moon and horribly composited stars.

Ambient light- Nikon d800e

-some people thought it was a great photo.

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You should blur the stars and the moon so they can blend in better. It looks pretty fishy when your buildings in the background are blurry but the moon isn't

I agree. Any recommendations on how to light this better? I wonder if I should I have taken a bracketed exposure of the landscape then mask in the sailboat.

You could certainly try that, but I actually like the mood you've got there

Maybe tone down the brightness of the lights too? There are multiple bright spots of light all around which I'm finding distracting from the main focus of the couple in the boat. This depends on how true to life vs. aesthetically pleasing you want to be, but I also find the letter/numbers on the sail distracting and would probably remove those.

I agree. Any ideas on how to bring up the shadows or to better light this image?

I know that there is a good image to be had at this location... I'm just now sure how to capture it, maybe the time of day would help. (blue hour)

Ah yeah - I'm probably not the best one to give advice on that :) But I'm curious to see what others recommend.

i would remove the moon. I like the image overall, but the wrongly scaled moon to the lens you used to shoot the people screams fake and totally destroys my ability to enjoy the shot. I would also eliminate the white boat sticking out on the right (very distracting) and I would remove the street lamp completely as it is also very distracting. :) I love the reflection :)

The wind doesn't blow at night, the reason for smooth water and surrealistic premise?